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  • May 2nd, 2010 @ 2:24pm

    Fictional Child Abuse != Fictional Murder

    One is that the drawings depict actual sexual abuse of children, and another is that the drawings are purely fictional. Only the first of those is a real problem, just like only real murders are a problem while novels about murder are not.
    That's a completely bogus argument; I don't really understand why people keep trotting it out, other than that they're oblivious to reality. The reason why parents want to keep a lid on internet porn, and child porn in particular, is simply because sex is fun. (That's what the media tells kids, anyway.) Parents are afraid, quite rightly, that their children will be introduced to sex in various ways that are beyond their control, many of which are seriously harmful, and they'll never know about it. A child's emotional balance and stability can be completely destroyed by a pedophile, and the parents could be completely oblivious as to why - because the child is too afraid or ashamed to tell them. Needless to say, murder isn't like that. Moreover, child sex-abuse imagery is used for different purposes, and by different people, than "fictional murder." Those purposes are quite often to entice and corrupt, not terrify, children. Images of murder nearly always terrify. To draw a direct comparison between the two is at best absurd, and at worst, grossly irresponsible and morally bankrupt.