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  • Jan 7th, 2010 @ 5:24am

    Berkeley High's Curriculum Readjustments

    How about this: Grade Credit Offsets!

    Concept: As overachieving white students amass AP credits and corresponding grade point averages, they will be taxed along a progressively configured sliding scale. Payment of this tax will be in the form of various percentages of their arrogantly aggrandized graduation credits and in points deducted from individual course grades. The school will administer a pool of points and credits (the PC Pool) to which underachieving students may apply as they discover a need for additional numbers to pass this or that course or, indeed, even to graduate. Voila! Look at what has been achieved:

    1) The Racial Grade Gap closes from both top and bottom.
    2) Racially privileged white students receive a lesson in racial sensitivity to effects of their unfair social advantage. They become aware of the unfair disadvantages their insistence on achieving brings to students of color.
    3) Racially privileged white students are given a meaningful way to share the fruits accruing to the application of their unfair advantages. This training prepares the overachievers to cheerfully accept their role as providers for the welfare of underachievers throughout their adult life. This course could be entitled Reparations 101!
    4) Racially disadvantaged students have their frustration at the unfair advantages of others recognized, legitimized and compensated. This prepares them to graciously accept further reparations throughout their adult lives!

    Application: The administration and disbursement of this system's pool of credits and points weaves itself into the fabric of well crafted social studies curricula. In such curricula, its bases get thorough airing and its students trained to play their roles with pride and panache. Teachers will make the connection of this in-school Grade Credit Offset program with impending Carbon Offset regimes affecting whole economies, making the student experience all the more relevant.

    Grade Credit Offsets make sense, racially, righteously and really! Let's all get behind this effort and make the most of this crisis.