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  • Mar 8th, 2012 @ 12:46pm

    Re: Re:

    I'm glad you "think" it to be true.

    Physics says otherwise.

    Both varieties, backscatter and MMW, take their views from the front and back plane of the subject. Even on the MMW with its fancy swing around arms, only goes to approximately 45-degrees past the subject. Watch any of these machines in motion. The sides are not captured, and therefore cannot be analyzed.

    I don't "think" it to be true, I work with imaging every day. I know it to be scientific fact.
  • Mar 8th, 2012 @ 12:43pm

    Re: Re: Almost ;)

    Again, Mike, you may understand tech, you clearly do NOT understand imaging.

    Imaging does not work in the way you suggest.

    Jon is correct. I work with imaging. An object on the side of the subject will not bounce the x-rays back to the reader in the way human flesh will. Any item on the side of a body is invisible to these machines.
  • Mar 8th, 2012 @ 12:06pm


    That's a really pathetic response.

    It's not that people don't want airport security: we do!

    The TSA is an exercise in compliance. I'm glad you figured out how to do it.
  • Mar 8th, 2012 @ 11:52am

    (untitled comment)

    "Plus, I'm pretty sure that the machines now take images from multiple angles,"

    False. Imaging doesn't work this way.

    You may notice a 3-D rendering of the MMW images, now masked by the "gumby" software.

    However, imaging can only take pictures in planes, and then render a 3-D image. Look closely at the 3-D images from MMW scanners, the sides are black. It's a trick of the eye.

    The sides of an individual are invisible to all of these machines. All of them.

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