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  • Oct 29, 2020 @ 03:52pm

    First, off it is clear all the DMCA notices are going out from the influx of DJ's that have come to Twitch to stream music sets without. They still believe music is considered public domain which is a joke. If you look at the notices from the DMCA pre-covid DJ's hardly any notices. The DJ invasion ship landed now the music industry is noticing all this activity. Plus, Twitch has always gotten away with no music license agreement with the big 3 Sony, Warner and Universal. If I believe Facebook gaming has a deal with the big 3. Now, it is up to Twitch to decide what they want to do plus if Amazon see's this as an opportunity to cash in like they have been doing they will find out how to make it work. Don't be surprised in the future if Amazon charges a subscription rate. It is pretty sad if and when this pandemic gets under control Twitch is likely going to be a desert with hardly any DJ's with them going back to the Live Music circuit. I hardly doubt they are going to care what they have caused with all the DMCA activity probably caused by them. Just like I heard one DJ said before if Twitch does down they will find another platform.