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  • Feb 14th, 2013 @ 6:03pm

    Re: Re: dev here

    Hey! Thanks! Yeah, sure. I'm curious to see how it will all pan out. Something pretty big is happening in ... 9 hours! We'll see how that turns out...whne I'm less stressed I'd like to write a bit about the whole ordeal...

  • Feb 14th, 2013 @ 6:02pm

    Re: Re: dev here

    I don't really want to attack anyone _ I'll just post what I did/what happened/happens and they can draw their own conclusions (or not!)

  • Feb 14th, 2013 @ 3:39pm

    dev here

    hey this is sean. torrentfreak should be putting up a little info-interview on what happened tomorrow to clear things up.

    basically the original torrent got deleted by a moderator mistake. then the torrentfreak commenters gave me the idea that it might be better to just upload it myself , as it would be inevitable the game would be reuploaded later.

    i'm okay with the torrenting (though I still prefer being paid for my work if it's financially possible for the player), the torrenting gives exposure for the game and its ideas which is pretty important to jon and I. it's pretty unlikely we would have found as much exposure elsewhere (there are reviews and videos but those are pretty scattered and limited in scope in terms of who sees them), so I think the net effect of the piracy will be positive in the end, but that's still a guess in the end! it's a bit a of a gamble, but i'm in the situation to be able to make it, so i am.