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  • May 1st, 2013 @ 1:11pm

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    As we all know, craigslist big advantage is its network effects. Even if a competing site contained a better interface, nobody would want to post there because nobody would read it. The chicken and egg problem.

    If I were a competitor that wanted in on Craigslist's business, I would create a site with my interface over top of craigslist data. I would set it up so that every interaction, particularly anything that submits data to craigslist, would go through my site. Then after some time when my market share is large enough and my brand is out there - when I have effectively stolen the network effects from craigslist - I would disconnect the craigslist cord.

    Should craigslist be able to prevent other sites from mooching their data. If so, what is the proper legal framework to set that up.