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  • Jan 25th, 2013 @ 9:53pm

    RE: Verizon

    I didn't think I would care too much for the "Share Everything" data plan; but I have gotten used to it now. It has benefited our family. Our bill has actually went down. The only problem I have is the same thing many other people are upset about. My mother doesn't like the smartphones, along with many other older people. She is due an upgrade Feb.6th. She & a couple of her friends went to Verizon to look at phones. When they got back they said Verizon had about 3 regular flip phones & the rest of them were smartphones.

    My Mom also said she didn't like any of them. But they also really steered her in the direction of all the smartphones. It's really gotten to where Verizon & all the other BIG cell phone carriers are phasing out all the (as my Mom & her friends would say ) dumb phones so EVERYONE will soon have to have a smartphone whether you like it or not. So my Mom said she is going to try a smartphone. She doesn't want an I-phone.

    So I have a question for anyone that wants to answer. She doesn't want a big phone. They showed her the Droid Razr Mini. Or Razr M. Does anyone know if this is a good phone or can anyone think of another smartphone that would be ok for her 1st smartphone as in ease of use. Thanks to anyone that doesn't mind answering.