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  • Apr 11th, 2012 @ 10:35am

    Numubu = Nu Music Business

    I would like to invite you to join me on our new Global music based website called NuMuBu = Nu Music Business this is a free service that is run as a way of uniting all aspects of the music industry, by bringing it all under one umbrella.

    Numubu will also conduct cross promotions and banner swaps for free

    Many world class musicians and performers as well as all other areas of the music industry are already on board this includes countless others that have a passion for all the various different genres of music including the fans, I would appreciate having you listed with us, this is a free site open to all to enjoy.

    What NuMuBu offers to Artists:

    1. Sell more downloads with NuMuBu Coupons

    As a music creator, you may have songs that you'd like to sell. Attaching a name-brand coupon to your song will give your friends and fans savings on everyday purchases thus giving them incentive to pay for your downloads. This patent-pending feature will In essence ask them to spend a little bit of money on your download in exchange for a money-saving deal that saves them many times the amount they'll spend on your download.

    What's more is that every artist needs sponsors. The companies offering the coupons for you to attach to your songs will in essence function as your sponsors in support of increasing your downloads revenue.

    2. Write yourself into the news

    Almost everyone and every business is looking for more publicity. NuMuBu's global news feed is viewable by all members and visitors to the site which means you get exposure to all kinds of people who don't yet know you. Stand up and be counted by regularly posting your songs, updates, tips, photos, events, etc. This will allow you to become more known to the entire network of pros and listeners with the potential of bringing you more opportunities, fans and recognition.

    3. Get more exposure using NuMuBu Live!

    Most artists aim for more exposure to support sales and to get more bookings. NuMuBu Live! allows you to stream live video to the entire planet. This means you can show off your music and your skills by broadcasting live performances, rehearsals, sessions, master classes and anything else you think will help to bring you more attention. It's as simple as pressing "Go" from your profile and with as little as a laptop with a built-in camera. The world is your audience.

    4. Network with the pros

    What better way is there to find bookings of all kinds - offers for online session gigs, performances, collaboration and more. NuMuBu's network includes professionals from dozens of categories, and many of them are big-name award winners, all accessible to you on NuMuBu. Other members may be looking to buy your talents, or they may have the talents you need to complete your projects. Reach out to them and they will reach out to you. And your profile functions as a full-fledged EPK.

    There's lots more you can do on NuMuBu:

    Sync up your posts with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and MySpace

    Advertise products and items you have for sale

    Get even more exposure with full membership ad space

    Sell your online session tracks by using the NuMuBu Collaborations feature (coming soon)

    Engage in real time chat (coming soon)

    and more...

    And finally

    A Quote from Elliott Randall (Steely Dan )

    NuMuBu exists to support artists and their music through patronage, sponsorship, sharing and assistance. Our site aims to provide all of the tools necessary to enable musicians to establish a relationship with those who love music in an effective, lucrative and enjoyable way.