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  • Jun 4th, 2016 @ 4:58pm

    TM LAW and Copy rights are a funny thing

    Sony feeling it is so big that no little guy will take them on is not off the hook as I see it. The issue is that TM protects your IP from Market confusion, so if the movie in anyway makes people confused as to who owns the emoji's being used, then the gamer has a pretty good stand.the gamer Copy Rights also protect him because if he has them protected correctly then it may be in a pattern or in a set style and marketability line.Like the case with the Harry potter issues. Then Sony would NOT be able to make a movie no matter the title or not. Again it would cause market confusion and would be an infringement of his CR because they cannot copy cat off of his IP when it is protected. How would they like someone to come out with a VERY like brand, they was very like theirs and say OH well it is NOT the exact so you cant do anything, Again MARKET confusion I think this is one BIG issue Sony needs to focus on, in my opinion. I am no fancy lawyer, but we have fought some big companies about the same kind of infringement and WE WON! SO Unless they buy the rights and pay him, which I would bet would be an easy fix to this issues. I hope they lose a TON! I am just over the big companies being BIG SCHOOL YARD BULLIES to us smaller IP owners and creators! I hope the Gamer WINS BIG!!! GOOD LUCK and keep us all posted.

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