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  • Jun 24th, 2011 @ 8:27pm

    American artists are suffering...

    Definitely you do not understand the new marketing paradigm created by the internet and as a result American artists are suffering...

    We do not watch TV anymore. Just Netflix movies. We get news from WRH, RawStory, BlackListedNews, etc. We used to buy a lot of American music CDs by listening to some songs in YouTube and then going to Amazon to buy the CD but now people are afraid to load American artists songs to YouTube, fortunately a lot of EU songs are getting loaded to YouTube and we find ourselves buying a lot of EU artists CDs from Amazon. This problem is self feeding because now Amazon sees that we like EU artists and they send us everyday recommendations of CDs by EU artists. Then we go to YouTube and find if we like the recordings and buy EU artist music from Amazon perpetuating the problem for US artists. The media executives do not understand the internet model and then they want to kill it. They are pathetic!!

  • Dec 17th, 2010 @ 6:11pm

    (untitled comment)

    The Internet needs to be censored.

    It is a tool of the democratic forces and cannot be allowed.

    When the “Global Warming” scam came several months ago the Internet destroyed their science. Now is the TSA humiliation of citizens including the old and disable, women and children. Pictures of TSA taking advantage of these vulnerable citizens are displayed all over going viral. So it needs to disappear and fast.

    The Internet is creating too many headaches to the NAZI elite. They want you to have your news from ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, etc. Then you will see news like this: “In a recent CBS News poll, 4 out of 5 Americans supported the use of full-body scans.” ----- LIES, LIES and LIES.

    The way we are going we are not going to have another election and if we have one it will be totally controlled.

    Oh I forgot!! And …. If you behave and follow their instructions they will give you a nice brown shirt.

  • Dec 16th, 2010 @ 8:36am

    Re: No more US travel for me

    "The whole freaking country” not so, it is just our current government. We really apologize to you all but will take care of fixing this as soon as possible. May take a until 2012.

  • Dec 16th, 2010 @ 8:20am

    The Airline / Turist business has a broken model

    If you are an Airline/Turism executive read this:

    The airline business has a broken model where they let a fascist government take over part of their operations (security) now they will pay the consequences. Take our family as reference; we are not going to accept radiation and nude picture taking of our members nor sick PAD-DOWNS. The current procedures targets disable persons for sexual harassment my wife has a titanium hip. So the whole family is not flying any more. Members of the family are now buying motor homes, new cars, etc. We are re-adjusting our recreation activities. Even if they fix this mess in the future, the monies for flying are not there anymore the money went into buying new cars (we just bought new car yesterday cash) and motor homes.
    If you own airline stock sell them as soon as you can, there is no future in a business like that.

    The airlines knew that the TSA was going to implement those machines and start humiliating your customers and you did nothing about it. Where your lobbyists in Washington are, fire them all, you needed someone at the helm of the TSA that understands the airline business. But you accepted the current administration of the TSA and you are now going to suffer the consequences.

    Read this, not only you are humiliating your customers you may be killing them:

    Scientists with the University of California at San Francisco were so worried that they wrote a letter to the White House Office of Science and Technology in April, 2010 raising "a number of red flags" on the scanners' safety.


    Full body scan machines = tumor-trons

    And by the way: Bean me up Scotty …..there are no intelligent life forms in this planet.