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  • Jun 18th, 2012 @ 5:44pm

    Carreon's Perverse Intelligence

    To me, it looks a little bit as if Carreon's move to sue all four; Inman, the two charities and Indiegogo, might be to everyone's advantage.
    I think what we would all like to see, is that the money donated, does indeed go to the charities, and not into Inman's pocket: NOT that I'm saying I think Inman would do that; but to prevent (possibly) other people from doing this, and from Indiegogo, or other charities from being closed down, or affected by this type of campaign in future: which is important.
    If Carreon fills a hole in the system, whether rightly or wrongly, he's bringing a case, which is legitimately his, and will be appropriately dealt with. So hopefully, (and I realise that I'm standing up for the bad guy here) his actions will prove beneficial in the long run.

    The comment 'Funnyjunk is a footnote' says a lot to me.