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  • Dec 10th, 2011 @ 10:20pm

    it's all about rights

    Artists have a right to require people to pay for their work the same as you have a right to be paid for your work. Anybody who thinks it's OK to steal an artist's work is an azzhole. Those who steal work are thieves.

    Sites that exist for the soul purpose of distributing copyright material you are required to pay for must be censored and shutdown to protect the rights of artists. Requiring search services, ISPs and DNS services to block those sites does not infringe upon anybody's right to free speech because the owners of those sites do not have and never will have the right to violate copyright law. The only "harm" done is that people will not get copyrighted pay-for-use material for free but they never had that right to begin with nor should they ever have that right. I am all for censoring sites that distribute child pornography, sell illegal drugs, traffic people or give away copyrighted material you are required to pay for. I fully support putting those people in jail.