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  • Sep 29th, 2010 @ 12:18pm

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    How about a little social pressure. We all know how dangerous driving and talking/texting is. When one of my friends calls me and I think they are driving, I ask them to call back when they are off the road, and then I hang up. They quickly learn not to call me while driving. I know some of these idiot friends of mine just have to talk to someone and just call the next person on their list, but if most people did this, the problem would at least diminish. I also tend to blast my horn when the person next to me on the freeway is on their phone. Hear a car horn - hang up on the idiot. They will eventually get the message.

  • Sep 11th, 2010 @ 10:27am

    Re: Re: This isn't about competing with free.

    OOPS, I meant CWF-RTB (too many acronyms in my profession)

  • Sep 11th, 2010 @ 10:00am

    Re: This isn't about competing with free.

    Well put! I've been a "content" creator for 25 years as an independent contract software developer, I've always been paid for my work, and although I've created some awesome stuff over the years, I've never held the copyright on any of my code. I, like most old school developers have always depended on freeware/shareware code, and I have contributed to some open source projects. I make a fine living doing what I do, but expanding my operation to a recruiting firm has never appealed to me. I would rather work with code than manage people. This has limited my income to the number of billable hours I can put in and the best rate I can negotiate. By no means am I a "starving artist", but I'm never going to be a millionaire without a golden lottery ticket. The software I create (and granted I'm usually part of a larger team) is typically "worth" millions, but I don't complain about residuals or any of that nonsense. I am starting to realize that there may be business models opened up by the internet that would allow me to be more fairly compensated for the actual value of my work. I would love to hear some ideas about how CTF-RTB can be applied to mainstream business software development and consulting/contracting.