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  • Aug 12th, 2013 @ 7:27pm

    a 21st century free speech movement

    Many, many thanks to Jennifer Hoelzer for this excellent post, her equally fascinating interview on Democracy Now! this morning, AND the mention of the timeline link on Ron Wyden's webpage - a great resource.

    For the first time I can recall in nearly half a century, I'm actually excited about the prospects for our Bill of Rights & democracy - we so rarely get to have a real conversation about the protection of our civil liberties. I imagine Obama's going to get a broader, larger discussion than he bargained for.

    It's a helluva diverse bunch of people pushing back very hard on the Surveillance State.

    Some interesting signs out there: Ellsberg drawing a big crowd at a rally last week in SF; national headlines embarrassing the hell out of Pelosi & Huffman in particular with a protest in swanky Belvedere a few weeks before that; near miss with the Amash amendment; Jimmy Carter comments; Lavabit and the list goes on and on.