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  • Jeff Bezos On Innovation: Stubborn On Vision; Flexible On Details

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 18 Jun, 2011 @ 05:55am

    Stubborn On Vision, Flexible On Details...

    and Sleezy On Wikileaks: haven't used a centime on Amazon ever since, discovered plenty of other sites instead.

  • Seismologists Tried For Manslaughter Due To Earthquake

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 27 May, 2011 @ 05:04am

    I was going to post that everyone, original poster and comments alike, had the story completely upside down, but Anonymous post 35 did it before me. It's unfortunate that people, even on a decent site like this one, can't do a proper job of figuring out what they're talking about. For starters, the earthquake took place in L'Aquila two years ago, and if you're stuck in Anglospeak, I'm sure the British press, loving to hate Italian politicians as it does, has plenty more details.

    Also plenty of details to tell you (@Daemon_ZOGG) that your assimilation (Italian government/Judicial system) is a non sequitur.

  • Syrian Government Posting Pro-Government Messages On Pages Of Dissidents After Getting Their Passwords

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 25 May, 2011 @ 06:06am

    Live propaganda

    Sorry to say, but there's just so much disinformation and so much lying about Syria, not to mention Libya, that it's impossible to believe anything that doesn't come from a truly respectable source (which the NYT isn't, obviously) ? like this one, for starters:

    Syrian opposition funded by Bush as well as Obama

    There's an even better article dated April 27th on that same site, by Domenico Losurdo, but so far it's published only in French, Portuguese and Italian.

  • NY Times Ignores Its Own Reporter's Key Tweets In Patting Itself On The Back Over Speed Of Its Bin Laden Coverage

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 10 May, 2011 @ 03:36am

    What really matters?

    Who cares about 16 minutes? ObL died in Dec. 2001, and his funeral was even reported at the time by Fox, of all propaganda outlets. That is the real problem about the NYT and others of the same ilk, not whether they act as sock puppets of the circles of power in a more or less efficient manner.

  • The Infinite Loop Of Algorithmic Pricing On Amazon… Or How A Book On Flies Cost $23,698,655.93

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 26 Apr, 2011 @ 01:15am

    Noticed something similar...

    ... on Amazon (UK, DE, FR, etc.?? when I was still making my purchases there:?after their trashing of Wikileaks, I've pretty much moved to PriceMinister, which so far I find much more streamlined). Typically: a book from a European publisher, still in print and sold as new for, say, 20 euros, and offered as used by Amazon's "affiliates" in Europe for, say, 8 euros, might be offered, also second-hand, by a US seller for 62.56 US$ or some other ridiculous sum. I used to think that some people didn't quite understand the mechanisms of currency exchange, but apparently it might also be a question of algorithms on the loose.

  • Hard Drive For Border Crossings: Will Self-Destruct If Connected To An Unknown Host

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 23 Apr, 2011 @ 10:51am

    Re: Re: I can hear them asking already...

    If I do have my statistical probabilities straight, it's still quite a bit of hassle in light of the likeliness that YOU will be the one whose laptop gets searched. And, commentary to others, it's extremely doubtful that the manpower at a border crossing either has the time or the competence at their disposal to scan a laptop on the spot. Meaning that your laptop will get confiscated anyway, temporarily at least.

  • Hard Drive For Border Crossings: Will Self-Destruct If Connected To An Unknown Host

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 23 Apr, 2011 @ 10:46am

    Re: Re: I can hear them asking already...

    Doubtful. In case you haven't noticed, and at this point in time please turn your eyes towards Libya if you haven't, "they" do pretty much what they please regardless of whatever quaint statutes you believe in.

  • Hard Drive For Border Crossings: Will Self-Destruct If Connected To An Unknown Host

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 22 Apr, 2011 @ 03:44am

    Attracting attention

    Keep in mind that as useful as they may be, such installments will just as easily attract unwanted attention to your little person. In other words, from the viewpoint of the warped minds of certain people, why would you want to encrypt your stuff if you're not guilty to begin with? Then you risk getting guantanamoed simply because you refuse to be cooperative and tell "them" your password. I believe you'd be even worse off if your harddisk had been "self-destructed" and you weren't even able to provide any evidence about its contents. On my last trip to the US, I chose not to bring my laptop and put an inactive and cleaned-up SIM in my cell phone. Webmail is accessible from anywhere, and essential files can be uploaded to a server somewhere.

  • Hospitals Argue That More Transparency On Medical Errors Will Decrease Dialogue On Fixing Them

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 21 Apr, 2011 @ 02:59am

    Hell in health Denmark

    As a Danish resident, I can bear witness to the hell people have to go through when trying to get proper information from their medical records, not to mention getting redress or having someone assume responsibility when mistakes are committed. It's like trying to "hit a down comforter", as the very Danish expression goes.

  • Truck Drivers Told They Need To Pay A Licensing Fee To Listen To Music While Driving

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 01 Apr, 2011 @ 10:51am

    SABAM's money is not the artist's money

    Too bad I missed on this one. Once a dear friend of mine had some of his music (Ligeti-like stuff), which had been registered with... SABAM, played on the Belgian national radio network. A whole hour of it. Shortly after he left Europe for a long, long time. Well over a decade later, as he happened to pass through Brussels, he contacted SABAM to collect his money, but was told that they didn't keep records older than 10 years. Mildly amusing.

  • Should Governments Mandate Cookie Transparency?

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 11 Mar, 2011 @ 02:17am

    Keeping cookies at bay in OSX

    In OSX, I think that the combined use of Firefox (cookie settings in the prefs + additions NoScript! and Adblock Plus), Little Snitch and MacScan will keep you free from most of the unwanted crap. Occasionally, though, some sites just won't work properly on Firefox, or require cookies to work as expected, which makes the use of Safari necessary. I try to take that as a lesser evil, like keeping my home ad-free but having to suffer some visual pollution when I'm driving around.

  • Should Governments Mandate Cookie Transparency?

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 11 Mar, 2011 @ 01:59am

    Re: Morons

    "I think internet providers should give customers a test to determine their level of technical competence. People who are deemed to be morons should not be allowed access to the internet. Problem(s) solved."

    Sounds to me like getting rid of the nobility by chopping their heads off. Do you realize how many IPs - yes, providers?- are morons themselves, either as single individuals or as organisations? If you're an IP yourself, pardon me, and if you think that wisdom is a feature of IPs, well, think again.

  • Should Governments Mandate Cookie Transparency?

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 10 Mar, 2011 @ 01:55am

    Law passed in Denmark

    Denmark, as usual the good girl in the class, has already passed the law. It will apply to all Danish websites as well as any site that addresses a Danish audience (based on, for example, language availability). It was voted by a parliament that, as is customary, doesn't have a clue about how the Internet works, and is due to come into effect with so short notice that the whole branch is freaking out. In typical Danish manner, though, the authorities have responded to criticism by granting that sanctions would not be applied before allowing a certain (undefined) period for sites to adjust to the new rules.

  • Perfect 10 Aiming To Lose Yet Again; Sues MegaUpload

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 04 Feb, 2011 @ 01:19am

    The conspirationist suggests:

    Well, maybe these Perfect?10 are sponsored by the folks at Pirate Bay. That would be quite farsighted indeed.