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  • WIPO Defied UN Sanctions To Give Computers To Iran… For Its Patent System (Wink, Wink)

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 07 Jul, 2012 @ 03:05am

    Future twists of history

    The irony of it all is that in 10 or 20 years' time people may end up thanking WIPO as we should thank the Rosenbergs.

  • Italian Gov't Gives Up Trying To Regulate Copyright Online

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 08 May, 2012 @ 02:31am

    Not quite. While a jungle is basically a self-contained eco-system, Italian laws, decrees and regulations are not a jungle, but a humongous self-defeating mess, replete with deep gaps and contradictions as to when, how and whether they should or should not be applied. This is probably why Italy has more lawyers per inhabitant than most countries, all competing to make sense of a corpus of laws of 250,000 and counting. So no one can tell what AGCOM might do of its own volition or be coerced into doing at any time in the future.

    This is also one of the many reasons that explains the growth, reflected in this last weekend's city council elections, of the so-called Five-Star Movement, the Italian version of the Fed-Up movements known elsewhere as Tahrir Square, the various Occupy, the Pirate parties, to name just a couple.

  • If You're Accused Of Trying To Scam Facebook Out Of 50%+ Of Its Equity, Probably Don't Have An Email Account Named GetZuck

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 24 Feb, 2012 @ 12:58am

    There once was a genius called Tesla. Yet his name is known by none but a small circle of initiated, and it's Edison (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla#Edison) and Marconi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla#Later_years) that made off with the cash and it's their names posterity has remembered. 100 years forward, we have Zuckerberg, who's the establishment's baby (Bilderberg, Davos, you name it) and who's been put at the head of a remarkable agency of social control. Now, let's assume for a second that Ceglia is right (I have seen no evidence of the contrary). If the world keeps on going down the drain the way it is, will anyone even bother remembering his name?

  • Full Text Of Slovenian Ambassador's Apology For Signing ACTA

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 03 Feb, 2012 @ 03:18am

    Ambassadors speaking out

    I know that three doesn't make a crowd, but with the relatively recent cases of Craig Murray and Jean-Christophe Rufin in mind, there seem to be an increasing number of people in that function that won't let things just happen. As much (and as positive), I believe, a reflection of the state of our societies as the riots of all kinds taking place all around the globe, including on the net.

  • Spanish Judge Gets It: Pirated Copies Not Necessarily Lost Sales, May Boost Purchases Later

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 02 Nov, 2011 @ 01:45am

    Absolutely right. Now, more often than not, the biggest problem is simply being able to make a decent purchase. Who in Europe hasn't run into Amazon.xx's "Sorry, this download is not available for your country"? Or faced having to pay more in postal charges than the actual purchase if the seller was located in Spain, Portugal or a Scandinavian country? Or been confronted with VAT, custom charges AND custom clearance fees twice as high as the item's value when purchasing from a country outside the EU?

  • DailyDirt: USA! U! S! A!

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 08 Oct, 2011 @ 07:55am

    Michael Ho working for The Onion, now? Remember the royalties!

  • US Copyright Group Lawsuits Based On Highly Questionable Evidence

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 26 Aug, 2011 @ 06:51am

    Something fishy there. "Guardaley" means more or less "Custody of the law", "Guardianship of the law", but that's in Spanish???i.e. nothing most Germans would understand. So what is such a company registered in England but with a telephone based in south-west Germany (+?49 7...) and yet not owning a registered German domain exactly up to? One searches in vain after a real name, either on their site or on WHOIS...

  • German Officials Outlaw Facebook 'Like' Button

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 20 Aug, 2011 @ 03:12am

    For once...

    ... I do agree with the comments that criticise Mike Masnick's view of things. Use Firefox with NoScript, making sure Facebook is "forbidden", AdBlock+, and a few cookie-cleaning add-ons for good measure. If you do need to go on Facebook (which I don't, why should I support a CIA-sponsored endeavour?) or other sites with similar interest in your whereabouts, use a different browser.

  • Swiss Justice Minister Decides That ISPs Should Have To Retain Data Despite No Legal Basis

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 03 Aug, 2011 @ 01:24am

    Good girl

    The last few years, Switzerland has been trying hard to be the good girl in the gang: economy, financial activities, policing and of course military cooperation, to name the essential ones, are all domains in which integration with EU-US aka. NATO has been on the agenda. A month ago or so, this has even stretched to Switzerland obeying Israel's injunction to stop visitors to Palestina from flying. So we shouldn't be all too surprised if this pattern now extends to so-called security.

    If the growing political/free speech censorship we are witnessing on the European internet ? under all kinds of pretexts: copyright infringement or the specious interpretation of diffamation laws ? now extends to Switzerland, it might be interesting to watch what will happen with those activists and bloggers (Beppe Grillo is one name that stands out) who either are hosted or have declared their intention to be hosted on Swiss servers.

  • Italian Court Realizes That Yahoo Isn't Liable For Infringing Works Found Via Its Search Engine

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 21 Jul, 2011 @ 02:53am

    For (not) doing just that...

    Lest anyone should think Italy is turning into a paradise of Enlightenment:


  • EU Court Disagrees With Pretty Much Every Other Court; Says Ebay May Be Liable For Third Party Trademark Infringement

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 13 Jul, 2011 @ 06:16am

    L'Or?al (who are they?)

    Very, very unfortunate, because in more aspects than one (use of disreputable chemicals in their cosmetics, for example), L'Or?al is one of the corporations with the worse record in Europe, going back to their collaboration with the Nazis and other distasteful characters:

    (in French)

    For those of you who know Spanish: http://www.voltairenet.org/%E2%80%A8La-historia-secreta-de-L-Oreal

    Liliane Bettencourt, who recently has made the headlines in the affair bearing her name, is the heiress of L'Or?al, as well as the richest woman in France. Maybe the European Court, as other European institutions that are fast turning themselves into tools of the Atlantist agenda, will soon be as independent as the Criminal Court in The Hague (i.e.???zilch).

  • Danish Law Enforcement Would Like To Outlaw Anonymous Use Of The Internet

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 30 Jun, 2011 @ 08:03am

    Whose propaganda is the best

    "unless you take the iranian authorities word at face value..."

    No, I don't, but IMO, Western media and politicians and their propaganda rate much, much lower on a scale of trustworthiness. I can't do the research for you, but here are some places to start from:

    (deconstruction, note that it's in Italian)




    as well as: http://www.voltairenet.org/The-CIA-and-the-Iranian-experiment

    I have reason to suspect, and the Western media's targeted hype will not lead me to believe anything different, that the episode hardly distinguishes itself from the incubator babies murdered in Kuwait, Amina Abdallah aka. Tom MacMaster, the preposterous stories currently propagated about Libya and Syria, or even those statements by Iran's president that (according to those who understand farsi) were falsely translated by Reuters but have never stopped circulating ever since. To name just a few.

    But, if I may repeat myself, I don't think this is the proper venue to discuss the Neda episode.

  • Danish Law Enforcement Would Like To Outlaw Anonymous Use Of The Internet

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 30 Jun, 2011 @ 01:53am

    Starting? Welcome to the World (intro)

    FYI. The UK is often seen as the US's poodle (and we may discuss how many poodles the US has???or what kind of kennel the US actually IS). Well, take the image one step further, and look at Denmark as being the parasite worm in the poodle's guts.

  • Danish Law Enforcement Would Like To Outlaw Anonymous Use Of The Internet

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 30 Jun, 2011 @ 01:42am

    Re: Re: Terrorism?

    He probably was a patsy, chosen for his mental track record.

  • Danish Law Enforcement Would Like To Outlaw Anonymous Use Of The Internet

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 30 Jun, 2011 @ 01:39am

    Re: Denmark's pols seem to be losing their collective minds.

    And: Denmark's citizens allow this to happen to them, not so much out of of fear than because the vast majority of them don't give a fuck, just as they can't be bothered when their elected representatives, ranging from extreme right to extreme left, overwhelmingly support enacting an anti-emigrant (read: anti-Muslim) agenda. In many respects, today's Denmark embodies a model of the future "they" want for the rest of the world.

  • Danish Law Enforcement Would Like To Outlaw Anonymous Use Of The Internet

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 30 Jun, 2011 @ 01:29am

    Re: Iran

    Pardon me, but the "Neda episode" doesn't have much to do with all this. It has been proven (look around the net) to be a setup.

  • Major French Political Party Puts Repealing HADOPI/Three Strikes On Its Platform

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2011 @ 01:07pm

    Re: Re: Where does the money go?

    You may call these:


    the Mafia, but it's a bit untraditional.

  • Major French Political Party Puts Repealing HADOPI/Three Strikes On Its Platform

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2011 @ 05:44am

    Where does the money go?

    Last time I checked on related figures, 24% of all duties levied on music played in public in Italy went to the artists. That's right, twenty-four percent. Guess where the rest went.

    A long time ago, a close acquaintance of mine had his composition works played for a whole hour on Belgium's National Radio network, who automatically deposit any relevant duties to SABAM, the entity in that country that allegedly manages artists' rights. Years later, passing through Belgium again and a bit broke, he tried to get paid, but was told that unclaimed duties and related archives were deleted after 10 years. Compare that to the current 70 years or the 100 years such entities would love to keep on claiming copyright for.

    'nuff said.

  • Major French Political Party Puts Repealing HADOPI/Three Strikes On Its Platform

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2011 @ 04:06am

    Wimps, smokescreen

    The French Socialist Party, like most of Europe's old social-democrats and communist parties of yore, are wimps in decomposition, offering no real alternatives to the existing political order. As such, they are nothing but make-believe plasters on the democratic facade. In my view, Royal's declaration of intent about Hadopi must be understood in the context of the coming Socialist Party primaries and presidental elections, baiting a substantial segment of France's disgruntled youth.

  • New York Post Tries Hamfisted Safari Browser Block To Try To Sell More iPad Apps

    Q?r Tharkasd?ttir ( profile ), 22 Jun, 2011 @ 06:32am

    If you have to use Safari, activate the Developper menu in the prefs, and select another user agent. iCab accesses it fine too. But the main point, IMHO, is: why would anyone care/bother to read the NYP????

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