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  • Nov 5th, 2011 @ 10:11am

    Phorm Still Snooping On Web Users, Still Trying And Failing

    Let's face it... Since the days of PeopleOnPage, Kent Ertugrul of 121Media "fame" has been intent on snooping on others to feed himself and his family. And he has doen well out of the creepy business he is in.

    He has, with purpose, snooped and sold his way into the ISPs in the UK (before being kicked out after the uproar by a so called half a dozen determined people, ahem!)

    Anyone who has not followed the amazing story can easily google a few terms to learn more about this very poor, low life scum of a business which Phorm actually represents.

    Enlightening terms to look up, and learn so much more from include...

    - "Kent Ertugrul"

    - ""

    - "stopphoulplay" (this is a really good search term for the Phorm newcomer... Sadly the Phorm company realised the mess that launching "" caused and today it just re-driects to thier corporate site)

    - "phorm changes wikipedia" - this is a classic and shows just what Phorm and Kent Ertugrul are like. Yes, they really did change what wikipedia said, even though it was true and accurate...

    Finally, this website has a fantastic history of information on Phorm, their crimes against privacy and the extraordinary efforts which the authorities have gone to. Efforts NOT to actually prosecute anyone in the UK for the dreadful abuses of personal and business rights to privacy of communication...

    Kent Ertugrul (and his other co-horts such as Norman Lamont) really need to acknowlegde that they are only in their roles to support international espionage. Why are THEY able to make such nice livings out of this and pretend it is a commercial enterprise? It's unbelievable!