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  • May 4th, 2012 @ 8:48am

    Yup -- I don't care...

    If I purchased the physical copy of the book I could lend it to whomever I please. To me that increases the value of my purchase and gets the author and book out there.

    However, I WILL NOT pay a ridiculusly high price for an e-book. The e-book should cost less, there's no printing, shipping, storage and considerably less waste and use of resources. Publishers just aren't getting it. Most self-published authors are and with a bit of effort they can get as much publicity on an e-book site as most publishers would give them.

    I almost expect a little less when the price is low and tend to be more willing to give a decent book a higher rating and review if it is a good value.

    As for movies -- if you spend 200 mil to make a movie it had better be a blockbuster or you deserve to be busted. Can anyone say Tarzan in Space (John Carter?)

    Publishers and producers need to get a clue. The consumers are now the critics and reviewers. A book or movie will succeed or bomb based on the response from the consumer. Twitter, Facebook and other social media will make you or break you. Try not to alienate the consumer with your greed.