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I have been a computer professional since 1980. I have written software for a fortune 500 corporation, and many other smaller companies. I was an early adopter for internet communications, first hosting BBS systems at home and then Compuserve before the real internet got flowing.


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  • Jul 24th, 2015 @ 7:41am

    Which Email did she use

    If she never dealt with clasified email on her private server then which account/server did she use for secure communication and where are those emails?

    Unless of course she never sent or received any classified email, which I guess is the safe way to prepare for a presidential run.

  • Apr 9th, 2012 @ 4:11pm

    Not just piracy

    I have purchased a Roku box to provide channels to a new TV at my home. I did not have anyway to get my satellite cables to the TV in a clean manner.

    Since all I have on the TV is content available via he Roku, specifically Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have spent more time exploring the existing content that I never had a chance to view previously.

    I have found and become hooked on a number of shows that I sometimes faintly remember seeing ads for and others that I completely missed.

    Some examples are White Collar and The Defenders. I have since watched all of the episodes of both and am anxiously waiting for the new episodes of White Collar to arrive via this distribution channel.

    I was very excited to see the new season available via my DirecTV subscription but discovered that with my schedule and the complexity of some of the story lines, it just does not interest me to watch them as they come out, and I will be waiting till next year when I will be able to sit with my wife and watch the full episodes in our own time.

    Unfortunately the advertisers for these shows will not get any of my attention, I regularly find myself going out of my way to support the creators of these shows. So that I can continue to get content I like.

    So even though some producers are so bent about a certain percentage of piracy that they refuse to have their content appear on these alternative distribution methods, they will never have my attention, just the smaller portion of those that are willing to pirate the content since they have no other reasonable or convenient alternative.

  • Feb 7th, 2012 @ 11:03am

    (untitled comment)

    While box-office revenues have benefited from rising ticket prices, movie attendance has been steadily declining.

    I cannot be the only one to look at this sentence and wonder why fewer people might be going to take in the latest Hollywood remake?

    Same theater, same recycled content, same high priced food, the exact same experience year after year but at a higher price.

    Don't need to be an economist to see a problem there.

  • Nov 18th, 2011 @ 11:28am


    Well since you asked, I can give you one very good reason, and many other general reasons.

    As a system admin and security researcher, I frequently have the need to trace back and or investigate certain pieces of malware.

    I do not want to alert my target to my identity or even the subnet that I am coming from as this could provide valuable information about which of their attacks was recognized.

    A second point you may want to consider is why should I have to have a specific reason to be anonymous. Why should I have to reveal my identity to check the weather, read news, engage in political commentary, or exchange naughty messages with my wife?

  • Nov 16th, 2011 @ 1:10pm


    I appreciate your comments here frankly I did not expect a single coherent answer.

    I think I understand what you are saying here. Basically, it is just easier to get illegal stuff now than legal stuff. And SOPA will change that equation.

    I decided to try a little experiment to see if it was actually easier to get a legal copy of the movie Cars 2 than a legal one that I would be able to watch today or tomorrow.

    I have a number of TVs and video devices at home, my kids (I have 6 and 2 grandchildren at home) computers do not have DVD drives only CD.
    The video system setup in my car works off of a hard drive and also does not have a DVD drive.

    I would like to have something that any person in my family can enjoy wherever in the house or car they are, So I am really interested in a digital copy.

    I went to google and entered cars 2, all of the links on the front page were to legitimate content, but none of them led me to a site or location where I could pay for and download the movie.

    I choose Disney's site.

    I can buy the DVD or Blu-Ray, and the main page says Movie Download but after looking for the Download for 20 minutes, I gave up.

    If I buy the 5 disc premium copy I can get a digital copy, but there again I have to order it and wait for shipping or drive across town to pick it up, even then I end up with a single digital copy and have to choose which disc less device I want to use it on. And in my experience all of these digital copies have to be used on a computer so I can't put it on the Hard Drive in the car.

    I can't view it on Netflix or Amazon Prime, nor is it available to pay-per-view on my dish.

    I went to thepiratebay and in about 10 seconds found a number of downloads that I could have in less than one hour with no restrictions on my use.

    Then I did a number of searches through a variety of search engines, (assuming that SOPA was already in place and the folks at tpb had folded, although I don't see that as a realistic scenario ) and found quick easy downloads all over the place.

    So, given this brief and limited experiment, My conclusion has to be that SOPA would have to make an absolutely huge difference primarily by inconveniencing the people on the fence, and shutdown literary hundreds of sites along with all the in-intended collateral damage, or Disney could just let me pay for a download from the original site, or let Netflix or Amazon do the same, and save themselves a lot of bandwidth cost.

    Seems to me that the issue is not the ease of getting illegal content it is the difficulty in getting useful legal content.

    I would like to see a test Disney, could easily pick one of their movies and do a pay to download test, just to see if it did lead to less piracy vs. more.

    I have to tell you I am not all that surprised, I tried to watch a pay-per-view movie on my satellite dish last year and kept getting an error, I was told by the support staff of the company that my tv was not compatible with the copy protection scheme on the movie, and that I might be able to watch it by going and buying a super cheap HDMI cable from Walmart as that would circumvent the issue.

    Main line content producers have a major problem with the way they treat potential customers like me and SOPA is just going to make it worse. Since it will embolden them to continue down this same path of excessive control.

    I also have an issue with the "probably 40% of the marketplace quote". Is that just your gut feeling or do you have any statistics to back that number up.

  • Sep 19th, 2011 @ 3:17pm

    The real sign bothers me

    I am amazed that everyone is so concerned about the parody, the real sign bothers me more. I have to agree with the AC that linked to http://www.met.police.uk/so/at_hotline.htm.

    Any time I travel with my van, I display pretty much all of the suspicious activities listed on the site except for the mask and goggles. Although if it is cold and I will be riding my bicycle I would have those with me as well.

    I have multiple passports in my dresser at home.

    My credit card has charges to companies like stalker.com, clearly someone should be worried.

    I also rent a commercial property and do not go out of my way to display all of the items I store there, some might even consider my behavior secretive.

    So the only thing on the list which is not part of my daily life are the suspicious use of chemicals.

    And then there is the anti-copyright, anti-social web site (I am sure the MPAA would not have to stretch to characterise techdirt as a terrorist website ) that I knot only read but comment on.

  • May 4th, 2011 @ 11:52am

    Maybe the difference is in who is getting sued.

    His initial comment is framed in a small vs. large context.

    The second comment notes that Allen is not suing Microsoft.

    Maybe it is ok to patent troll if you are a little guy fighting a large company (social consciousness), but not just for the sake of suing for money.

  • Jun 3rd, 2010 @ 11:02pm

    All Authors care about is money?

    I read all of the time, I love books and stories and also spend quite a bit of time learning about the Authors of the works I enjoy.

    I would suggest that a very high percentage of Authors write because something within them drives them to it.
    I have read hundreds of descriptions from Authors about how they got started.

    Although some portion of them intended to get rich by doing so, most don't and those that do soon come to a realization that this was an extremely poor way to make any money at all, and in the face of that realization continued to write anyway. They just could not stop themselves.

    There will always be great content and great stories, people will continue to create all types of literary works even if as suggested in Mr. Adams ramblings that there will be no profit involved.

    And frankly there will always be people like me that will gladly pay for those works, but in my case only for content that does not have artificial limitations on when where and how I can enjoy it. Just like the paper back book I just set down.