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  • May 9th, 2013 @ 7:49am

    Re: Re: Re: I can only say two words...

    I completely agree with you. We live in a totalitarian state with fake freedom and no representational democracy to speak of- our US society is so perverted the people are even silenced and spied upon while corporations, (entities) are given the constitutional right to free speech in the form of controlling the entire congress and presidency as the voice for the select few, the uber rich who proliferate our corporo-totalotocracy in their interests. US citizens are just consumer, tax revenue sources for industry and the super rich and their handmaidens, the multimillionaire congress and president and supreme court injustices. There is no terrorism, its obvious as hell, yet the goosestep march by our "hope" president, worse than Bush because hes allowed these policies and trends run unchecked and undoubtedly assents to them, just as he gives baillout to banking without any prosecutions. Obama is a complete liar and a traitor to the American people.Whats it gonna take before people rise up in mass protest? Guess what, its too damn late for that - theyve already set up the mass infrastructure to squelch any dissent, by spying and surveillace and theyve got entire networks and disaster Fema csmps to haul off everyone who protests and can declare and enforce marshall law the entire country in a moments notice. So does anyone realize weve passed the point of dissent or protestation. Their will never be public outcry like vietnam protests in this country again no matter how bad it gets. Believe, everything theyve been doing sunce 911 is for us, not any so called terrorists. They are well in place to handle the rioting protests shortages etc.. that are shortly coming due to the complete crash of the dollar well on its way as every day one country after the next is pulling all investments out of the dollar right now and theres a news blackout in the US to world market events signaling the end of the dollar, while they hide that us is printing billions of unbacked valueless dollars all last year and into this yr. US refuses Ft Knox audit - no more creditors, the fukin parties over and were going down hard and fast right now...the banks will close shortly and martial law kick in and suddenly everyone will realize the jokes on us, no terrorists, just a big lie handjob but they are ahead of the game well prepared so no out too late, another fascist reqime tricks its apathetic fearfull masses with lies and scare tactics and thats the way we humans roll, time immemorial but this time at a global scale because the US has its backup plan which is so obvious if you think about its laughable - yes weve got one more trick up our sleeves that defies mosts imagination. Take a guess, I dare you.....Ce Fini Democracy- no freedom of any kind left but the thoughts in your mind. And then the new American World Order shall rise out of the ash of the crash when the dollar is gone and the nations population and everything with it is in shambles- The US will putsch!!!. Anyone remember that word? Its already set up all US strategic footholds about the world, especially middleeast is loaded with military might and ready to move on the world now. Thats the cure for the broken dollar and broken US economy is to go ahead and absorb the entire world into its vast military dominated world police state. Don't believe me? Just watch and see and say you heard it here first from a wingnut.

  • May 8th, 2013 @ 5:00am

    US Corruption

    Wow, I wish U.S. journalism and commentary was as intelligent and incisive as well as direct and frank about matters US govt. corruption as I see here on my first go around on techdirt. There is so little in the US that openly criticizes the govt in the printed word. People in the US are seriously deprived of any relevant or topical or truly newsworthy considerations. Anyways as an American I'm making this meta comment having just availed myself first time reading material, this "lite" article. Thank you. ERL