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  • Mar 18th, 2020 @ 5:07pm

    Fact Check

    Could someone please fact check this alleged $11,000 charge for a single valve (BI "investigation" not withstanding.)? Is it possible that $11,000 is to purchase a batch of them? It looks to be for mixing gases, such as O2 and ambient air, so they would probably be single use, and you wouldn't typically buy such things piecemeal, so a minimum order of $11,000 for several hundred would make more sense, especially since you have to make sure the materials used are sterile and safe - don't want nasty stuff (such as silicone release agents and plasticizers) off-gassing and coating the patients' lungs. Now, it's a different matter if the valves are platinum coated and delivered on a silk pillow in a cart drawn by unicorns . . .

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