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  • Jan 20th, 2010 @ 3:06pm

    Write Your Representative! (as Gordon)

    If you're at all bothered by the actions (or lack thereof) taken by SoundExchange, go to the following page and write a short statement to your elected representative asking (or demanding) that they fix this problem.


    I am a consumer and supporter of fine arts. A company named "SoundExchange" was given non-profit status and blanket monopoly on royalty collection and distribution, regardless of whether they have any ownership in the work being collected upon. They have violated their non-profit status by funneling money to RIAA member companies, who occupy and/or appoint every board position at SoundExchange. They have abused their position by neglecting to seek out and pay the composers and performers of works for which they have collected [royalties]. I want action taken to remove the corrupt SoundExchange from their monopoly, and allow independent groups that have proven less costly to both creators and consumers to fulfill the purpose for which SoundExchange was created - the purpose at which SoundExchange has not only grossly failed, but twisted for their own greed.

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