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  • May 5th, 2012 @ 1:16pm

    Re: It all boils down to jealousy

    Mr. Doe. Yes, it seems the music, movie, and book INDUSTRIES are thriving. However, as a CONTENT CREATOR, I am not rolling in cash. My current book, Polar Bear in Parrot Jungle, took me two years of labor along with numerous trips to workshops, classes, conventions, etc. I would like to get reimbursed SOMETHING if you decide to acquire my book. My next effort, Escape from Clark's Creek has consumed over two years and hundreds of dollars in expenses acquiring historical data and schmoozing WWII veterans to get some insight and facts. You say that my demanding a payment for your use of my stories is an irrational response and violates your rights and freedoms. What right do you have to steal my property, or anyone elses? What freedom am I depriving you of by demanding payment for my product? You have the freedom of choice, i.e. purchase my books or not and I am not, nor any other content creator, depriving you of that choice. Here is my take on your irrational argument, "someone got to view their content for free. It doesn't matter that they would not have paid for it anyway." Your logic baffles me. I guess youu think it is okay to steal an apple because it would have just spoiled eventually. I doubt the eventuality of this, but someday you might produce something and decide it is worth being reimbursed for. IF that day comes, you will be touting a different set of "rights and freedoms."