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  • Jun 10th, 2010 @ 7:29pm

    Re: waaaaa...

    "what do I care"

    First, you need to understand what laws are being broken, Read Volume 5 of the Church Commissions report, title, Volume 5: The National Security Agency and Fourth Amendment Rights particularly relevant would be pg 131, effect...on fourth amendment rights of citizens.

    Next, you have to understand how the Fourth Amendment is actually a protection, needed by the rights granted under the First Amendment. It is difficult to say the least to have an open exchange of ideas, if only certain ideas are allowed.

    Stinks of communism, you're not a pinko commie are you?!

    Finally, you need to understand the the constitution is a living document. While you say we need to "put it in a modern context", you fail to understand that, that is what the amendment process does. It gets voted on, and ratified, and codified into a law. In this way it is not a 200 year old document, but a changing document reflecting our will as a people, with mechanisms built in to protect the few, an thier inalienable rights, from the many.

    The only way the Constitution can fail, is if we misunderstand it. When enough of us do that, it will become the instrument of our own destruction.

    "what do I care"?

    Why don't you care? Are you ignorant or just uneducated? Put down the Big Mac and the remote, and try to have an intelligent conversation with someone, anyone. Talk about the many innocent people that have died because of ignorance and apathy in regard to the actual costs of your house with the 2 car garage, and your fancy smartphone. Talk about the people who are starving, farmless, homeless, wounded and killed, because Fascism abhors equanimity, and freedoms.

    Get your number, stand in line, wait for the end, good job boy!

    Free speech is the last freedom standing between us and total control.

  • Jun 10th, 2010 @ 6:37pm

    Can someone estimate for me...

    Can someone estimate the time and money wasted by ordinary citizens, just from the amount of time spent watching copyright infringement warnings at the begginning of every DVD?

    Not to mention the productivity lost in actually trying to work with copyright protected media, and actually getting your software or hardware to play this "protected" media.

    It seems like it would far outwiegh the losses to pirating, backup source protection, and "ease of use" applications.

    Can you imagine if innovation in distribution techniologies, relied solely on the corporations that control content to implement? We should leave content distribution in the hands of those that use the content, so that they can build a system that works properly for themselves.

    Do you really think that those that listen to the music, don't want the artist to be recompensed for thier efforts? Seeing artist profit from writing great music, creates better music, and better artists. Companies profiting beget bigger companies, who need bigger profits.

    The Television and Recording industries are not losing money!!!! They just cant grow as fast as they used to, probably because thier distribution method is flawed.

    They want to take thier much needed profits from those that can least afford it, the poor and uneducated, who a $10,000 fine will put into virtual slave labor for years to pay off.

    A modern day enslavement, by economic warfare.

  • May 3rd, 2010 @ 6:23pm


    Yes, we should do everything terrorist do.(sic) But, then, don't be surprised when the rest of the world calls you a terrorist.