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  • Aug 5th, 2011 @ 4:28am

    Re: Re: Sheep

    Someone needs to find those sheep and interview them....
  • Jul 24th, 2011 @ 2:31pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Posting to an American audience had no impact. I was not wrong about it. Posting it only in Germany or only addressing a German audience would have given the same result.

    So sorry, but I am not wrong. What did posting to a US audience do, exactly? Was it what was on your specific blog that did it, or Nina's endless media spewing that got it attention in the right country, exactly as I suggested she should do?

    This is the portion of your dribble that I wanted to comment on. Posting to an American Audience probably got the New York Times interested, which consequently posted it to an even larger audience (worldwide). It would be a safe assumption that someone in the German Government monitors news agencies for articles relating back to Germany. They may have seen this, and forwarded it onto the proper authorities in Germany, who realized that they screwed up.

    Probably didn't happen. But, it may have. While it seems unlikely that any of this happened, YOU cannot prove that it didn't happen this way.

    Have a great day:)

    P.S. On the rant about anonymity, you're not anonymous. Not because he called you out, but because you never change your style. If I wanted to (and I really don't), I could go through other sites that you post to, and find your comments. I'd probably be about 90% to 95% accurate. And if you've ever posted with your real name, I'd be able to find that as well. It has nothing to do with him calling you out. It has everything to do with you writing in the exact same style every time (and probably saying the same things every time).

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