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  • Jan 1st, 2013 @ 4:21pm

    Re: An American Problem

    It may have a lot to do with American food but a very little web research will show you that obesity is becoming increasingly global. Newspapers in the U.K., Spain, China and India have all posted headlines on obesity today, 1/1/13.

    We have to stop treating people like science fair projects when it comes to food and "dieting". Science now shows through new tools like PET and MRI brain scans the addiction-related organic changes that take place in the reward system and the prefrontal cortex. This occurs across all additions, from drugs and alcohol to the newly discovered food addiction. This new pioneering research is also helping us to appreciate a holistic and integrative approach to addiction. I was first senior research fellow in the NIH Office of Complementary Medicine. Using food addiction as template, THE HUNGER FIX addiction plan integrates personal empowerment, spirituality, along with whole food nutrition and restorative physical activity. Shame, blame and guilt must be neutralized with compassion, empathy and then the tools of self-empowerment.