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  • Jan 22nd, 2012 @ 3:51am

    corrupt idiots blowing OUR money, they have to be stopped

    I was wondering how this country would be "IF" the people we elected (or think we elected) performed the job with ethics, morals, using the constitution as the guide book, reported unethical behavior to an honest press. If special interest groups and lobbyists were banned, if we had term limits, background checks, drug testing, performance reviews, swift and harsh punishment for un-american behavior and social damnation, prison and not allowing them to go to work for the company that bought them. I believe that if they started being honest and doing the job we sent them to do, that possibly, the corrupt corporations would have to follow suit or face prison too. It just has to be possible to clear the congress and senate from the thieves, liars and whores corrupted by greed. We as the 99% must put our foot down, join forces and demand the new people stand up to the monster. We have to stop supporting the world, policing and bullying the world, shut our doors, kick out the illegals, stop the welfare ride and spend money on rebuilding our country. Rather than sending billions to countries that don't need it and hate us, that money could go towards repairing bridges, roads, buildings, starting businesses that manufacture everything we need. Stop the farm subsidies, lets grow our own food and sell the leftovers. Drill our own oil, create alternative power. Train all the people on welfare to work a good job, with good pay, benefits, force the mortgage companies to either give back all of our bail out money, or stop foreclosing on houses that we paid for. Change the way banks and mtg companies structure mortgages so it is much more fair, lower taxes, stop taxing at least half of the things they tax. Spend the military budget on protecting our country here. Clear the prisons of poor people that got screwed by some ego prosecutor climbing his way to the top on the backs of the poor, got a unfair trial. Legalize marijuana for God sakes, just make it illegal to drive or use at work. Stop the BS advertisements from drug companies, spend our money on helping people with affordable rehab programs, common sense training, enforce the laws we have. There are good people in this country that want to work, lets get some jobs going, and put more into supporting the positive life activities, stop hollyweird from glamorizing war, murder, violence, bad behavior and start setting good examples of positive behavior. Pay teachers, Drs, police and firemen/women what they are worth, and stop the outrageous salaries of the sports people, It makes little sense to give millions because a person can throw, kick or catch a ball, when scientists are so limited and trying to create live saving ideas that could really help our country and planet. Stop the greed, manipulation, and unethical "relationships". It should not be allowed that pharm companies own the medical schools, it should not be allowed that some group owns the media and is brainwashing the masses with lies that benefit them, not the country. It should be illegal for the "news" be owned by the networks, it has to be free to tell the truth to the American people straight, no fear mongering, war mongering or ignoring presidential candidates because they want to uphold the law, the constitution. We have to stop all the deals, the campaign donations for special laws for some.

    I look at it this way. Why be spending all our money to "protect" our country with our back door wide open? Would any citizen allow some stranger that broke into their home, stay? Would they pay for their food, medical, housing, give them cash and then let that burglar demand better food? demand to let the rest of the family move in? Bring the military home from all 150 bases all around the world. It is like paying people to like us and that never works. Uncle Joe is getting $5,000 a week from you, threatening that if you don't keep paying him the money that he will go to the other neighbors and bad mouth you. We know Joe is never going to be able to stand on his own, run his own life, heck, where is the motivation? They are doing it all wrong! There is NO way Japan needs money, or China or any of the others. We need to be able to keep more of the money we earn. When a country has a tragedy, we can help along with other countries, but when they start living much better than us, things have to change. It started before Reagan and has spread like cancer and is so out of control that it is going to take a revolution from ALL the people, get us back on our feet, fix our country. Pay the seniors their money, pay the Veterans MORE for risking their lives, the injuries, let them live a good life after such a brave honorable service, stop giving it to ungrateful, illegal criminals.

    It sucks pretty bad when a disaster happens here and people have to get money out of their own pockets to pay and help people when that is what we are paying taxes for!!! WE have to stop the BS charities, evil corportions, organized religions and large chain restaurants from deceiving the trusting public from the greed. When would they ever cure cancer, diabetes, or any other disease when the CEO is making 875 million a year from OUR donations, fast food is not even food anymore, it is fat, high fructose corn syrup, salt, fillers, binders, additives and preservatives, GM frankenfood along with liquid toxins sold as meals, bullying organic farmers, making our kids fat, starving the seniors that paid in all their lives while free loaders sneak across the border and actually get three times as much money, plus food, plus housing, medical, education when our children have to go into outrageous debt. NOT right! We have watched the "morning news" go from a half hour of news weather and sports to all day fluffy, misleading, manipulative, fear mongering CRAP, most of it lies or BS. We have brave men and women in grave yards all over this planet that gave their lives to protect the country, the constitution and save some others from evil. They deserve honor and it is the least we can do to stand up for the same. Run those thieves out of office and into a prison cell. We have the laws, we just need the courts to stop the corruption, if a person files a lawsuit against a criminal and the judge isn't just or fair, kick the jerk out. No more caps on lawsuits, but if a guy that is injured during the commission of a crime, he must lose the right to sue his victims. The guys that made us all those promises to get into office don't care about us, will send our children into war for oil, oil that we could get right here! The jobs created are needed. I feel that it should be illegal for a foreigner to own any business in America, become an American and OK, but use American workers, stop sending jobs overseas. If we can do it so can they. If we just keep giving them money for nothing, they are all just going to keep sitting on their corrupt asses while their people starve, cut off the money, fix our country, then, and ONLY then should we teach others to do what we are doing, we should Never do it for them. If we don't stop all this crap soon, we will have a bunch of dependent good for nothings with their hands in our pockets.

    We need to form a class action suit against Chris Dodd (the guy that designed the mortgage collapse)and get him OUT of government, then Frank Barney, that guy is incompetent, corrupt, has NO idea how to do anything but line his own pockets... and remember, it is our money, NOT theirs... time for a revolution!!!!!! Respectfully submitted: