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  • Aug 20th, 2013 @ 1:02pm

    Unraveling slower than I'd projected

    After 2004, and the Bush 'Re-election', I realized this was coming. The UK and the US have been hand in hand with major policy changes for some time, and it was a natural extension of the perversion of the 'Patriot Act' that set this precedent. I imagined six years before the uniformly corrupt and utterly psychotic union of the banks and the US Congress manged to plunge the world into global war or anarchy. I was a little off on that, but it seems their getting back on track now.

    Since the Americans are too weak and stupid to police their own governing bodies, that burden falls on the UK. If neither of them do it in the next three years, then that's the ball game, the center cannot hold blah blah blah.

    The NSA scandal (which is really the tip of the iceburg, when you start doing a little research) is just a signpost. Unrestrained corruption and greed lead only to total economic collapse. Iceland at least had the good sense to imprison their corrupt bank officials. It is evident that the populations of both the United Kingdom and the United States are simply too weak willed to do anything but roll over and bare their collective throats. These measure the two governments are enacting are frankly unnecessary. The 2004 Presidential election proved beyond doubt that the citizens of the US will do absolutely nothing to oppose the corruption of their government regardless of the severity of the crime. Their just too weak and complacent.

    They'll allow anything to be done to anyone in their name as long as they have Welfare, Reality TV, and the assurance that putting a magnetic sticker on their moronic vehicle is an honest contribution to change.