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  • May 27th, 2015 @ 8:20am


    I am glad they are being charged.. I wish ALL video games would do the same.. Its due to people not being talented enough to actually play the game so they have to go and download some talent. ( which anyone with a google search could do, but we do not NEED to cheat/hack to be good at the games)..
  • Oct 10th, 2012 @ 6:02am

    Well DUH.

    Its a huge mess, thats why you need to get a real gaming machine, The COMPUTER. I have no issues with DRM, and Playing games, I can do it from any computer anywhere in the world. I have no issues with transfering points, or "family" filters. Do what you should of done in the first place, grow up and get a real system. ( All valid arguements from the past are null and void, as I can play ANY X-box, PS3, Wii title on my pc, and still get the wireless kinect experiance with all. To top that, I have double the video processing as the best Xbox, ten times the space to save the games to, and OMG the ram, LOL xbox's newest release is 10 years in the past for the amount of ram you can have. I dont have to worry about "paying to play other gamers, its all free" ( a few game aside, but there are free versions of those out there if you hunt around, and you cant do that on an XBOX). Trust me bud, Get a PC, and grow up and get over the console. ( Yes I can still use an Xbox controler, I can even use the headsets and keypads, ( the PC keyboard is sooo much better for most games though,) I can still hook my Tower to a tv. I could even have the cool colored rings if I truly wanted to. And on the last note, I only paid 399.99 for my tower.

    I hope this helps your desision on where to go from here.
    Oh and No need to worry about the red ring of death completely distroying the entire box, If something breaks its very cheap to replace parts in a snap.

    LOL Kids these days, its no wonder so many people are still freaking out over an iPhone, ( check the specs there is way better and faster out there, with more options, and your not "locked out of the cool stuff" ) THE iPHONE is as LAME as a console, and you kids keep buying them, causing other companies to follow that same business model.

    STOP IT PLEASE before you ruin it for everyone, Trust me Step outside your xBOX, you will see a world of entertainment thats 1,000 times better then what your "die hard" to support.
  • Jun 1st, 2010 @ 6:11am

    Get a clue..

    Just because the country in which you live is clueless to identify and solve a problem, doesnt mean its ok to do it. I hope that facebook wins the case in canada too. I hope they garnish his wages for the rest of his life at half of his salery. The point of the HUGE amount was to set an example for every spammer out there. Spam is unwanted by everyone. and only MORONS and dcammers think otherwise. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to grab a few hundred emails and spam them. Hell my 7 year old could do it.
  • Aug 31st, 2009 @ 7:48pm

    Something forgotten in the story.

    Think about what you are saying. Fair use?. So the person who invented the comment box is getting paid by the website thats using it! And why shouldnt he be? Who gave you (the website) the rights to use it? NO you stole it from him, He is some kid (probably adult by now) who technically by rights should be a millionare! But because you want fair use you should be able to use one when ever you want to without it costing you a dime. WRONG. There desperately needs to be some kind of regulation, as this type of thing goes on daily, I am scared to write script anymore for fear of it being stolen, which happens hundreds if not millions of times each second. I do agree with you on the fact that the govt should not be the one to "kick someone off the internet for stealing data, And YES there are about a billion legalities involved with whats considered copywrite or theft, so many in fact that the politics of it are multi-mind-blowing by ten-fold. Perhaps they should look into creating something that cant be stolen, Like remove the "View source, from the browsers" or right click copy.
  • Jul 13th, 2009 @ 8:55pm

    Google has turned Microsoft. (as Paynesmanor)

    Last year Google decided to without consent, rearrange the igoogle home page, without users consent, and offering no way to undo what they did. They added an iGoogle side tab, and in the process ticked off thousands if not hundreds of thousands of users, many of whom posted here http://groups.google.com/group/Google_Web_Search_Help-Personalizing/search?group=Google_Web_Search_H elp-Personalizing&q=igoogle+side+tab&qt_g=Search+this+category

    These posts are still unanswered, and we are all still sore and stuck with the stupidity of the wastefull side bar, which we never use. Google thinks they know whats best for us, just as Microsoft did,(key word DID), Down with stupidity down with Google. (I would stop complaining if they would just put it back the way it was or offer users a choice) instead of forceful changes.
  • Sep 9th, 2006 @ 6:00pm

    Umm (as Ntlgnce)

    Cool I just went there and DL it with a static IP.. Next time I reboot it will be different.. Oh I almost forgot, I use a hot spot from the starbucks next door. Obviously they dont have a clue...
  • Sep 7th, 2006 @ 12:42pm


    Get real people. Saying that they should "JAM" cell phones, is just as stupid as the morons that "forget" to turn them silent!! They should have a no tolerance policy and kick those who forget to use, the vibrate feature. How would one call for help, if someone needs it? The people that think that cell phones should be banned, are taking the movie experance way to seriously. I mean after all its just a movie, OMG I missed something that was said during the movie and it totally ruined the entire flick for me.. DUH get real people. Again with the reality check, saying that they should "JAM" cell phones, is just as stupid as the morons that "forget" to turn them silent!! OH I paid 10 bucks to see this movie and about half way through the movie someone got a call from his brother to say that his kid just fell off the roof. And it ruined the whole 2 hour movie for me, I want a refund, because I heard a cell phone beep and missed two words of the movie somewhere in the middle.. Now I need to pay another 10 bucks to find out what those two words were....

    Some people in the world are born complainers, These people need to get over it, and realize that somethings in life are more important then a story that someone put to film to entertain others.
  • Aug 23rd, 2006 @ 12:24pm

    The Junk Drawer... (as Ntlgnce)

    IPod is definately a FAD. Think back to the BoomBox, Or the Walkman.. Where are they now? The junk drawer. They will be around a few years untill something better comes along...
  • Jun 30th, 2006 @ 9:01pm

    They missed one group. Its called realitists. (as Ntlgnce)

    Goverments will control all the gas. Helping robots will be a big part of everyones day. Instead of computers, People will own, "smart screens", Small notebook pc's with just a touch screen, which will be constantly connected to TV, Phone, and Instanet. (10GBps. wireless), and to there home applyances. Motor cars will be littering the streets, where they ran out of gas. all being generaly worthless. Heat and storms will be a constant threat. High water will have sunken citys globally. Socity will be experimenting with colonizing other planets AS A WAY TO SAVE HUMANITY, Global warming's effects will have proved irreversable, (they will be saying that it was earth's destany, and not Global warming that caused the earth to heat.).
  • Jun 15th, 2006 @ 10:04am

    When I was young. (as Ntlgnce)

    Yes I acted out what I saw on Tv. As does my child now, watching "Barney" or "Power Rangers". It was "fun" for me to shoot flaming arrows in the basement of my home, as seen on "the Dukes". Was it the Dukes that made me do it? NO!, The show only gave me the idea to do it, However I had also seen "Children of the Corn" and "Friday the 13th", See there has to be, #1, access to the tools, #2, A motive for doing it. #3, lack of parental guidance. #4, unsupervised time, all of which the parent needs to control. Parents need to realize that when the kids, get a "FUN" idea they WILL try to act it out, (Taking the game away is not going to solve the problem, as they will hear about it from the kid down the street). Parents need to address the kids about the issues, and the best way to do this is to expose them to it, and COMMUNICATE with them, as to the fact that its only a video game or movie, And to think about what would happen if that happened to your brother, or your mother, from both sides of the story, meaning, what if that was your father, shooting all those cops? what if your father was one of those cops.. Force the child to see both sides of the reality and of the virtual worlds.

    Parents should always expect there kids to do the worst, and keep harmful things locked up, or "out of reach".. In today’s violent world, Communication and education is the key to a healthy normal Childs development
  • Feb 11th, 2006 @ 7:59am


    I would assume that there has always been people clicking on those annoying ads.

    I think we should all work together, to eliminate forced advertiseing. The popups that wont go away. The popups that have to load before the page loads. CNN is a good site for this.. The advertisers lie too. (clicking this ad will not effect your download), the heck it dont, it makes the download slower... games open longer.. If I dident have to wait for the ad to get done running I would already be playing the game.. Back to CNN, The news clips, (movie). Why is it that the add always seems to play perfect when the clip comes up, i get to see 3 or 4 seconds of it then I have to wait, then maybe 2 seconds. then wait. and the video never plays right. The ads sure do though... BAN ALL FORCED ADVERTISERS.
  • Jan 26th, 2006 @ 5:10am


    It would seem that something has to be done about the patents and what they mean to the world. Meaning that they need to come up with some new rule, that only allows "real patents" such as the flip in the flip phone. Meaning that ways of sending text useing someone elses computer script should not be able to be pateneted.. I think something like this should be and needs to be implimented.
  • Dec 21st, 2005 @ 6:09am


    What about those sites that force you to view a add, like surf side kick. It seems they dont allow you to view the site without viewing the add. In some cases, even when your fed up and leave the site because of the adds that keep popping up, you get yet another ad that you must wait for before getting completely away... and a few of them that I have seen, try to trick you into thinking something is wrong with your computer, to download a bigger problem onto your computer. If you ask me I dont think they should be allowed to force advertiseing to the public, I know that I am definately not going to buy anything from a popup.

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