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  • Feb 17th, 2010 @ 6:43am

    I Just Don't Understand Your Thinking

    Maybe its just me but I just don't understand the writer's reasoning for saying Netflix and Red Box's compliance is stupid.

    It makes me believe that the writer has ZERO basic understanding of copyright and intellectual law. Netflix and Red Box DO NOT own the content. That means they have no leg to stand on in court. I mean won't hurt Netflix and Red Box to hold flix 28 days one bit because if the movie was that damd good the consumer would likely have seen it in a theatre.

    In addition, the writer seems to have forgotten that the studios likely have contracts with the cable companies as well as distributors such as HBO. The studios charge HBO, SHO, Cin and others to carry those flix and allowing Netflix and Red Box to compete with HBO etc. means they don’t get back that higher premium they would get when HBO and/or your cable company charges you five bucks to watch a single just released flick on-demand.