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  • Dec 4th, 2010 @ 4:26pm

    Re: Just one question...

    No none of these measures would have stopped 9/11. Our government is responsible for 9/11 and with all the available information to be gleaned from the internet and we have remained so blind. Our own government set that up, used remote airplanes and killed and terrified that day!
    Our government was set up to represent the people, unfortunately, they are not for the people, by the people, in fact even the right to bear arms cannot save us from this government and all the Nazi-Germany-like impositions they have been putting on us resulting in numerous civil liberties being drowned. I don't think we could even over-throw the government, which as a United States citizen, is our responsibility to step up when our government is too far ahead of itself. This is clear and has been clear for the last 40 years.