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  • Sep 19th, 2012 @ 6:18am

    blame the alleged victim?

    Seems a lot of respondents would rather dump on the alleged victim than address the real issue, which is govt agencies aiding shady businesses. I am one who discovered an arrears debt. Cost me $150 merely to discover its existence. Turns out I was arrears on a cable service bill I was not even aware of. I settled in full when I moved. Or so I thought. I'm still am not aware of from what/where/when this debt arises. What? The service later discovered more charges after I closed my acct? I do not know. I only know it's a situation that was unintentional and will be resolved.

    BUT! ....that's not my story, which is: I moved to care for my Alzheimer mom. She has several debts of which I cannot cover. She can, but won't. Regardless, she/I are now being harassed by a shady bill collector that is using the threat bogus legal proceedings to pursue one of my mom's debts. The dirtbag has gone so far as to lie --whatta shock!-- about my mom having a court date next week on this alleged debt. A check with the county court confirms it to be a untrue.

    I recall when the CA legal system came down heavy on shady lender, going so far as to file a govt class action suit against them, which they later won and shut this rather large company down. Now, I see the Alameda County (where I once lived) giving another shady lender aid in shaking down alleged defaulters.

    Can you say "graft"?