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  • Mar 20th, 2012 @ 9:13am


    Because he came up with the "conspiracy scenario" which was born in his "intelligent and brilliant" mind that if he steps onto the Swedish soil he will be immediately extradited to the USA. :))) This in particular is hilarious as there is zero evidence as to this. Indeed, extradition from UK to US would be more quicker than from Sweden. Assange also claims that something referred to as "temporary surrender" would somehow bypass his "rights" in Sweden and that is why he could be "extradited easily". The truth is that "temporary surrender" is no easier avenue to extradite than extradition without "temporary surrender".

    Sum summarum, Assange doesn't want to go to Sweden because he is afraid that he will be convicted of inserting his erect sexual organ into anatomical cavities of female individuals without consent. If this would occur (which I believe will) his reputation (if any) evaporates into the air. After that, being a convicted sexual predator, his position in an American jail would be... hmm... well, somewhat difficult to say the least. :)

  • Mar 20th, 2012 @ 7:11am

    Re: Re: That will work HAHAHA

    It is hilarious to follow the "saga" of Julian a/k/a alleged sexual predator (in Sweden).

    If he broke the American law and if he is so confident of winning his (possible) American charges by relying on the American Constitution - what is he crying for? Why is he in the need of "help" from his homeland Australia? Is he afraid of a bit of jail-time? Why? He is a big boy, he should know the risks and he should be prepared to take it on his chin. He is only facing life - anyways - not death.

    He is definitely alleged to have placed his erect sexual organ inside the anatomical cavities of Swedish women without consent. This is a disgusting and self-evidently unlawful act. Yet unconfirmed, there might also be a sealed indictment pending in the US for god knows what.

    Does he really believe that all is good when he just denies everything: "No, I did not place my erect sexual organ inside the anatomical cavities of those women this is just a conspiracy designed to get me to the US..." and "No, I have not broken the American law because I'm just a journalist who encourages American military personnel to steal confidential military data and then leak it to the world..."