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  • Jun 26th, 2012 @ 8:49pm


    You are kidding me. An attorney at law filing a lawsuit because it is a prank?

    I doubt so. If it is a prank, then it is a contempt for the court.

    The reason why the Carreons are worked up are because they had become targets of hatred for the entire issue. If you understand the entire scenario, neither Matthew Inman nor the Carreons expected this outcome.

    From the case, it seemed that the Carreons' main target is the Doe(s) and to force TheOatmeal to remove any use of their trademark (the name Charles Carreon).

    I believe they drew the conclusion too early after looking at TheOatmeal's pictures and misinterpreted the drawing as themselves. Instead of requesting Matthew Inman nicely to remove any mention of names, Charles Carreon chose to take it legally and further cause widespread outrage.

    Looking at it closely, we can see that the fans were upset. Matthew first blog message about the lawsuit was STOP and let's focus on doing GOOD, but fans decided to act on their own. As Funnyjunk owner was never mentioned and they couldn't dig out FJ, the angry fans had a name which is Charles'. The angry fans lashed at him after digging up his entire information from State Bar of CA.

    Charles' response to the donation drive didn't help him either. While the angry fans were waiting urgently for new comic postings and the outcome, they decide to wage the war against Charles. They abused him verbally, phoned him, sent hate mail, wrong nasty emails etc which enraged Charles. Charles went deeper to file a lawsuit against the donation drive.

    It was a downhill ride. Matthew decided to write a blog post to cool people down, and some fans are still not appeased.

    To: Mrs Carreon, if you are still reading this, please get over the hate and be civil to others.

    To: Charles Carreon, please spend your effort elsewhere and stop talking to the media, you will only fan the flames of hatred further. Let the fans/readers decide. You can suggest other alternative source of fund raising which can help to raise 100% of the donations from the Internet from all parts of the World to Matthew if you have a better suggestion. Don't just act like a crusader of Justice when you didn't even spend time to educate others.

    Take a step back, take a deep breath and then let it cool down.

  • Jun 20th, 2012 @ 10:28pm

    Obtuse beyond understanding

    It is funny to read Mrs Carreon's post.

    This is the Internet. Why are you bothering my donations and trying to represent Justice without consulting me, the donor if I really need a representative for my donations.

    Worse of all, I'm least bothered by your laws, constitutions and nonsense. I am the owner of my money, I choose Matthew Inman to represent my interested in donations and fairly aware if there is a 9% charge, I am least bothered by it. I am even aware that he only promised to raise 20k and I am aware that he might use it for other purposes after the initial 20k is raised.

    I am very bothered by your husband's action to even try to regulate it. Are you guys thinking you are some justice officer by regulating MY donations?

    Does your husband think he's Superman or God of Justice? It is my money and I do what I want with it.

    Go away and stop trying to practise your own justice on others. I don't require your fake sense of justice. Please go and help people who are poorer, need help in the world because of difficulties in funding for lawyers. Go help people in need. I am not in need of your HELP.