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  • May 2nd, 2014 @ 12:12pm

    Glass Explorer here with insight into Spycam apps

    Guilty as charged. Glass is in plain sight at all times and everyone assumes you're filming them since they don't know, don't understand the operation and how Glass lets you know it's filming. Glass is a rotten spy cam. It is too obvious and the camera is fixed, wide angle and only 5mp.

    But my Note 3, think about the height, can be placed in my shirt pocket while I walk and take continuous video. Not that I've ever done that mind you...

    There are also plenty of "Spy Cam" apps that shut off the shutter sound and snap away at preset intervals. If I tried that with Glass my battery would last about 15 minutes.

    Glass is primarily intended to provide data to the wearer such as doctors being fed patient vitals or me getting places to explore from Field Trip. Following a recipe with greasy hands. Being fed walking directions without taking a phone out of pocket and even while carrying boxes. The camera just happens to be the easiest and most commonly used function that we early adopters take advantage of. and what we do hands free is quite amazing.

    Pushing your kid on a swing while filming and using both hands. Snowboarding or skiing without a helmet mounted contraption. Me catching trout and not needing my hands to start the camera recording when a fish bites.