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  • Aug 18th, 2014 @ 6:51pm

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    1. You call VRNG a patent troll. You clearly aren't aware that Ken Lang, the creator of the patents is actually the CTO at VRNG are you? He was the innovator, he is attempting to enforce his technology plain and simple so let's get past the angry third grade, less than intelligent media speak. We all get the attempts by the media to vilify this company.

    2. The decision by the CAFC flew in the face of law as per Chen's own dissent, as well as Mayer's OWN WORDS in the Highmark vs Allcare case. I suggest you read on that, and I anticipate VRNG lawyers will be utilizing Mayer's own words against him. In that case, similar to here, Mayer described the de novo review of factual determination (as is the case here with obviousness) as 'appellate overreach".

    3. This story is not over, VRNG will be filing for an En Banc review, whether they get it or not is another issue.

    4. What people should be concerned about is not a company that owns intellectual property simply trying to enforce its right to property (last time I check property rights are a pretty big part of a capitalist society), but rather the theft and use of that property from those with bigger wallets and monopoly power. There is a reason Google attempted (and thankfully failed) to have a patent bill passed through congress, because that would have legalized their theft of technology from small players that couldn't fight them. You see, while you may call VRNG a troll, they do play an important role in ensuring that big companies can't abuse the little guy. Unfortunately, many in our society are simpletons and hang on to whatever the media tells them, never think deeper into implications, just want to be part of the group think du jour.

    5. You may want to think about the implications to patent protection and IP in general, and resultant impact on small innovators if a judge can simply say, I don't agree with a multiple reviews by the USPTO, a District Court Judge, a jury (that according to his hubris is not capable of understanding) to simply wipe out someone's patents. Again, rather than discussing legal and technological implications of a decision you have written a fluff piece to simply either 'pile on' with the group.