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  • Feb 22nd, 2012 @ 7:58pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Surprised? I'm not.

    This is, sadly one of the problems with Capitalism, and you prob. have heard this echoed in various ways, by others. If we lived in a world that put less pressure on things we need because the 'basic' essentials were given to us from birth, and therefore forcing us to work to get there, she might have lived a tad longer and comforted far more people , with that god given voice of hers. Capitalism causes so many issues, and this is a clear indication of just that. She was every bit as talented as Dolly Parton, but to think she got near nothing for singing those amazing songs, to me is tantamount to sinful and injustice at its highest level. No offense to Dolly, I like her too, but being human means showing love for all, not just the chosen few who have enough talent to 'write songs' for the rest to 'sing' to us.

    One talent, is not worth more than another, considering it all came from god, this we know with no reservation, yet we treat them as non equals. I don't know if all this is fact, that she was almost penniless , instead of the reported 35'ish millions in the bank, but if true, maybe that was pressing on her, causing the need to 'escape' through drugs and alcohol, which may then have stopped her from breathing on her own ( as in automatically). I guess we will know soon enough. Regardless though,I feel so bad for her daughter etc., though with god,family and great friends, she will recover with time. I did, and she /they will too ;)

    Capitalism hurts many, was never the intent god had in mind creating the universe for , and its time it was abolished, much like ,- slavery. Im sure it won't happen overnight, but if you think about it, the great thing whitney could have done, considering stress would have been diminished by leaps and bounds, crys for change. We are all gods children,and we deserve better. Her daughter she did, her mother and all else whom intimately knew and loved her directly.

    Change won't happen though unless we as a society, make it so, so get invovled and talk about it happening. What I refer to, is very similar to the 'resource based' economy you may have heard about.

    Life should be a shared experience where no one person has more power than another, where we all exist freely though not with shared responsibility, stress free ( within a near perfect system, of course) and for the betterment of everyone else. Only then will true compassion and love be available for all, without having to pay the ultimate 'price' for it.

    I don't care who you are, you are no better than your neighbor, deserve love no less and the basic 'rights' afforded us by being children of god, and until society reflects that, sad stories like Whitney will continue to mount up on us all, and sadly reflect the current status of us as a species, meant for far greater things than this. Who among us really believes, that gifts like that from our creator, deserve this kind of outcome ? ;)

    RIP dear soul- may your family and friends be comforted, as you comforted others , when hearing your god given voice.

    We are all gods children, and are worth far, far more than the lump sum we earn everyday , just to get by in a world dominated by power and greed.