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  • Oct 5th, 2012 @ 6:09am

    Re: Re: This is all a bit overcooked

    I have been in the room with other industry representatives of widely different views when speaking to governments about the need for the whole WIPO/NGO relationship to be overhauled and none of us asked for special rights (and CCIA has very publicly said that would be a disaster; look at ICANN for an example of what happens when one stakeholder group has more of a role in an organisation than the others).

    There is no way the developing world is going to agree to this Davos-like construction whether or not the developed countries like it.

    Whatever is going on in health IGOs is a separate issue. We don't want to import anyone else's bad ideas to WIPO; we have plenty of difficult problem areas there now.

    I understand Jamie's concerns - I really do - I just don't agree that the intent is anything like as bad as he is thinking it is. What's most frustrating is this is taking on a whole life of its own when the bigger issues of transparency, accountability, and good governance are serious issues. This is just one potentially bad meeting, which isn't even agreed to by the member-states.