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  • Jan 19th, 2014 @ 2:25pm

    Re: Re: Oh, but we can trust Google!

    Late reply... R U kidding? You must be a Google shareholder or something. It's not paranoia, it's reality. Information voluntary...r u kidding? Explain how you voluntarily give "information" a/k/a eavesdropping on you & your family. Define information as the need to hear every conversation you have, in your home, on your phone and on your computer. Control over every bit of your life, from your job, bills, bank accounts, social habits, spending habits and everything else. Don't bitch when your smart tv is recording you, naked or not. BTW at least you got it right when you wrote "NSA's illegal collection of data." What if this was the last comment you could every right on anything ever, and I mean ever?