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  • Nov 8th, 2013 @ 3:19pm

    Re: Re: let's hope that the NZ citizens get suitable het up over this

    That is absolute humbug. Nzers are fast asleep. After 9/11 and Having woken up from the dream I had been in for most of my life, it was very interesting to see friends, work colleagues and many others all in zombie land. Over the years I've found it so infuriating how the majority voters (pakeha) listen to talkback bullshit on radio, watch and read propaganda and trivia on tv and newspapers and then form their world opinions based on that. The evidence is clear that pakeha are just so easy to keep under mind control via media, however Maori at the top are just as bad, instead of fighting for peoples rights in these areas they also are pathetic puppets the majority of them, sucking up to whoever is in power and in it for THE MONEY and lifestyle as they rubber stamp anything their white masters tell them to. Believe me there are a lot of Maori in the system who are like that. S there you have it, NZ a fast asleep and out of touch nation with leaders like john key who are puppets for his European satanic occultic money masters, and Maori leaders and their corporate puppet slaves under them who are all blinded by money and position/power. Wen you go to my country just switch into the dream like 95% of the population and you will have such a blissful holiday! Kia ora!