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  • Mar 10th, 2012 @ 9:36pm


    No Dan, Paypay is trying to decide what to do with MY money and that is the issue. My credit card doesn't tell me where I can swipe it and neither does my bank card.

    Paypal isn't even sure about it's own terms hence their trying representatives trying to work with Mark Coker of Smashwords.

    The blog sent out by Mr. Nayar said nothing. It has as much value as a pinch of gnat turd. It is filled with lies, i.e. I can buy ALL sorts of erotica on Ebay right now. Much of it containing the "potentially illegal" subject matter contained in that blog post. If this wasn't a deliberate attack on independent authors and publishers, or an attempt to push a moral agenda I would call it one of the greatest corporate Oopsie's of all time.

    Before you try and defend a position on a subject you know little or nothing about please spend a tad bit more time making yourself aware.