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  • Feb 11th, 2010 @ 12:33pm

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    It's a pretty awful thing to do on the part of the other company, but it should not be illegal. If Summit played it smart they could easily trash any kind of reputation this other company has (after all, people are repulsed by this kind of 'theft'). And I can't help but think this is partially Summits fault, there are all kinds of contracts/NDA's that can be used for precisely these situations, to stop a company stealing your idea. And to say that Summit did not have these options available to them, or that they did not know about them is pure folly. If they had a pre-existing contract they could easily sue over that, have a much stronger claim and potentially get much greater damages, instead they've gone for some comparatively weak claims due to their own incompetence in failing to set up some kind of 'you can't copy this idea' contract'...