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  • Feb 6th, 2015 @ 1:40am

    Major labels NOT indi labels do this evil

    re Spotify/Blackbox income. The article is accurate and its a great pity some well known artists have spoken out from their major label experience ignoring those who didnt take the corporate dick and consequently have a better deal from e.g. Spotify: the case is very different for Indi labels like mine, Ninja Tune, and artists signed to such labels. We fairly and clearly split the streaming revenues with artists, as part of our normal 50:50 profit split. No blackboxing.

    Its once again MAJOR LABELS corprats who are the criminals here. Not only do they use blackbox accounting to rip off their artists, they also have forced Spotify to give them substantial shares in Spotify, the value and revenue from which is completely unshared with their artists. Thom Yorkes negative comment presumably comes from his Major label deal and is NOT ACCURATE FOR INDI LABELS AND ARTISTS. UNDERSTAND THIS AND STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION. Spotify are the good guys cf Google, and the Major labels.