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  • Apr 19th, 2017 @ 11:10am

    Tell me its not true...

    I read this this morning before going to work, and frankly, I had to read it twice. I´m from Denmark, and at 6 o´clock at the morning, I not quite awake before two cups of strong coffee and I was sure I had read this completely wrong.... So I read it again, and again, and again.... Now several hours later I´m still chocked about the whole story. First of all how could NASA react this way?? NASA is deeply responsible, and should be sued (Beyond hell!!)as well!! "Will the responsible guy stand out please?" It could have been so much easier to send a NASA representant to her home at the very first place! The NASA reaction is so out of proportions, one wonder really what these guys really jobs are.. Are we talking about the NASA or the NSA here? Did she dialed the wrong phone number? And now to the best part: Do american taxpayers really pay federal agencies (What are talking about here? CIA? FBI?) to put up that kind of operation?? "Hey folks we need some training around here. I´ve just heard about a granny selling moon dust. Strong stuff, people. Let´s get some action..." This whole thing looks like they were busting some drug dealers. Except they busted a poor old woman... I´m still chocked and horrified. Sorry for my poor English (I´m from Denmark) but somehow I had to react, try to get my feelings out about that whole stupid story....