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  • Jul 6th, 2009 @ 9:11am

    To Amanda:

    I am so sick and tired of Comcast. I live with my daughter and her family and she does a lot of renting of movies, MLB, an extra box (I, myself, don't have a box), the preferred package, etc. Every month, I'm seeing bills for $300.00, nothing ever adds up, and Customer Service sucks.

    I note what you wrote above about promotional rates, etc. I will (hopefully) be moving in a few months, so I won't be a "promotional" anything, just a transfer of service for a customer who's been with them since 2002.

    When I move, can I clarify with them before I move that I DON'T want the "HSI Bundled Service," currently costing $42.95 a month. (I already plan on buying my own modem.)

    If I order "ala carte," saying, I'll take the internet and this TV with the preferred package, then there won't be the need for the $42.95 bundle charge added to my $55.99 for standard cable and $16.95? Sheesh! If I could get your deal -- anything under $100.00 a month, I'd grab it!

    I'm disabled and trying very hard to make ends meet. Do you think I'd have better luck if I did it "ala carte"?

    Thanks for your input.