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Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Web Programming, BackGammon Game, Hangman (Grade 5 Vocabulary).
Married, 59, Daughter at ISU (adopted, 1997 China).

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  • Sep 4th, 2014 @ 1:46pm

    Re: Surely there can be life without ads??

    I agree about most of your Anti Ads sentiment and TV content, but your dismissal of News / Press as an Opponent to Government is Wrong.
    Press is the Only Business mentioned in the Bill of Rights.
    Press as opposed to Infotainment is necessary to maintain Freedom of Expression. You say the Free Public Access TV could only cover Government "community service announcements". This is only one part of the Government Propaganda. The Press covers: General, Community, Arts & Leisure, Business, and Opinion. They are different Sections of the news paper, another fading and failing Media. Free is Good on the internet, but as the Owners are fond of: "Nothing is Free". We only get Free Infotainment, NOT Free Expression, Liberty, or Pursuit of Happiness.

    We only have Freedom to choose Which "Person, Place, Thing" to associate/rent/lease/purchase.