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I’m honest hard working record producer I have my music stolen around the world by thieves who think they support me because they like my music (I don’t think stealing is a form of support)
I don’t like all the ignorant comments made by thieves who think the term share means its ok to steal something that should be paid.

The music industry is changing fast but stealing has never changed if you steal your a thief make not excuses about it that’s what you are.

For me and the music business generally is very difficult times i’m trying to stay alive while all the piranha are eating my flesh (stealing) i’m and artist I create enjoyment and it have value but no one want to appreciate that

People want escape for free and enjoyment for free and they don’t care if those making the escape and enjoyment are trodden on as long as they get the enjoyment they want and for free.

Yes the world is changing but someday soon respect for art will return and I hope i’m still around and not too bitter and twisted and can still be creative

I wish every ignorant comment defending stealing could be switched into that persons personal space so they could feel what it like to be stolen from

try to be happy, always be honest and fair and life will treat you well.
(That is unless you’re at the bottom of the food chain like me at the min)

Mark Ruff Ryder

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  • Dec 18th, 2010 @ 7:14am

    what a load of ignorat comments

    you lot need to get educated!

  • Feb 21st, 2010 @ 5:21am

    not to all those stupid posters saying they will steal it

    Change your computer because all software has bugs and as time goes on they will fix it (for those that are legal)

    Its amazing the comments about cracks and torrents from the scummy thieving people who don’t buy the software anyway (which is why the company need to protect it)

    If you use windoze computers make a note to self your widows is not wanted anymore. No it’s acceptable to wait for the update so what’s different

    Stealing is a crime and protecting your software from thieves who comment about how they wont play it anymore has no values because you steal it anyway go on steal something else instead make a note.

    Also your not treated like a criminal because they want to check their software (that’s if its genuine)
    Just like all software if you steal your just a scummy person and your comments hold no value to any article about copy write because you don’t buy the products and if you did not steal then expect an update to fix any issues like all the other software in the world.

    Nothing is perfect those that have noting to hide will get their updates those that steal will have a harder time playing this as a stolen game.

    All games should implement this with an auto save before checking

    Mark Ryder
    Strictly underground

  • Feb 18th, 2010 @ 11:25am

    when are you stupid people ever going to learn NO NOT WARNER ..YOU CUSTOMERS

    You really think as customers you’re all that?
    You really think you have the power to control rights owners like you are so needed.
    When are you people (customers) going to learn you’re just a minority of complainers and you think you run things?
    Why do you think companies protect and control their copyrights?
    Your comments are ignorant when you say things like 'how stupid warners are' like the little customer you are, doing your 9-5 or signing on the dole, but you know best?

    You call them stupid and you act like you: the customer" is in control.

    Wake up people your nothing but 1 customer and you are either going to play the game the company wants or your going to go else where and the 'company' is not crying about your 1 little payment
    You are far smaller than your internet replies make you feel because there are millions of people who do follow what ever rules the owners of the products want to set so thinking your all that is for your own ego, because your not!

    if you take that final choice of stealing others protected products than you’re not only a small insignificant, you’re also a thief.

    Complain like you have power but you have nothing but $9.00 for the film and the big companies won't miss your tiny contribution or take your small minded advice on how your will just steal it from a torrent or go somewhere else. I can almost see them reading your stupid comments and laughing and telling jokes about how they need to get your personal sale

    Oh dear did I burst your tiny bubble and now you realise all your stupid advice about how you know best is actually laughable. Look at yourself what do you really know and how do you have the inside track on the rights holders and they don't know what they are doing..please you make yourselves sound so stupid!
    There problem is not little people like you who talk like you know something but actually don't.
    The only problem to rights holders is the thieving community which is and always has been the traits of the lowest of low life and that’s a totally different thing to deal with than some over self important customers

    Mark Ryder

  • Feb 12th, 2010 @ 6:23am


    i had something to say but after reading all the stupid replies i forgot what the article was about ?
    someone need to kick the off topic arguments out

  • Feb 10th, 2010 @ 4:07am

    the first thing you have ever said thats good and you did not say it..

    Your quotes are the a real and educated view at last something that’s real and true even if you could not think of them your self and needed someone with a brain to express.

    Now we have to find a way to express an experience in different ways and its not easy anymore I have been trying for the last 5 years on a 6 album project that’s almost completed I will never accept thieving is ok for promotion I live for my music and I work hard to achieve the gods I set myself I don’t care if people don’t support me because I call them a thief because that’s what the truth is if you steal another persons work I don’t need to be surrounded by thieves that love my music and I don’t care what backlash it gets me because i’m an artist and as such my art is the work and it has value imp not a slave to the public of my fans they follow if thy chose but if they steal they are not fans or supporters they are thieves.

    I will control my work because its my baby I will protect it from thieving low life’s where ever I can because its mine those that buy it only license it they never on it

    One day this will be the way again and excuses about fat cats and corporations will not stand because the artist want to control their work how they see fit i’m added value and I don’t tolerate thieves I don’t need your help support or promotion and I hope you music thieves all get put in prison for being the common low life criminals you have to realise that you truly are

    my albums are a bigger trip but its not about t-shirts and ROI on merchandise its about a trip through the musical world and hopefully people will want to buy it and not steal

  • Feb 10th, 2010 @ 3:33am

    Mike your either a real full on twit or ?..

    Mike Masnick I see you write a lot of stuff on many subjects so you must just be getting paid to do it so how about I just pass all the stuff you write to all the papers everywhere for free publication I won't bother putting your name to it I’ll just copy what I want and maybe even sell it on to any mag that will pay for these rubbish articles that stir up people only due to their dumb comments.
    You see you must want to get paid for writing this dross and if everyone treated your work as you so quickly dismiss others I bet you would really want drm and a way to control your income supply.

    Yes there is always some geek that can break protection but why not take your comments to the extreme and take all the locks off your house because it’s a waste of your money to invest in trying to protect your home.

    Your either a very stupid person or its your intention to write rubbish to get comments? Either way your doing it to get paid an so there is a value in it for you so if its stolen and you can no longer get paid to do it then how long could you continue with it l?

    Piracy is a crime and people have a right to be paid for the work they do and no one has the right to say they cant or should not be paid of try to protect their work from thieves

  • Feb 2nd, 2010 @ 9:06pm

    (untitled comment)

    two word for him


  • Jan 26th, 2010 @ 12:47am

    mike masnick you talk an argument that wrong

    I keep reading your weird views on the Internet and music and you just don’t get it its annoying because you act like you know something but clearly you have no idea?

    I’m not sure of your history in the music business for you to air your righteous sounding but totally non-intelligent views on this subject but to me you sound like a punter rather than a music maker or distributor of music. Your view is so UN knowledgeable of how music works?

    Do you just write these things for the money or have you got a vested interest in the topic you write?

    All the time it’s how easy it is to get music and it obviously better for the artists and not the record companies and more people are making music so that is good.

    Dude since the beginning of time people have been making music in their heads so no more people make music now than since the beginning of time the art is in making good music into something that people want to get involved with and that people actually want to buy and that’s become harder to find because people like you seem to think everything is everywhere and so everyone can find everything they want and music is only the bit you like and nothing more.

    That’s is not the case

    I have been battling with giving iTunes my music since 2000 that’s just before the iPod was released I have a vast catalogue of underground dance music and they offered me a contract to distribute it I declined because .40 pence was stupid for a track and I wanted to sell albums so people got the whole project, ever since then its been the same thing with iTunes and me until recently I accepted a deal but still i’m reluctant to put my music on there because they really have killed the concept of an artist creation (which is an album)
    And don’t come with that rubbish about how only a few records are good on an album and that’s the music company’s fault because you show your ignorance with comments like that.

    An artist makes an album thru their art and they don’t banter to the public unless they are a pop band bantering to a pop fan base

    Generally the artist is making all the music how they want it to sound

    Just because you think there is only one hit on it doesn’t mean it full of rubbish it just means you don’t get it

    May people buy an album and don’t get it but after a few play they do and that’s the magic of an artist to get the message they want across not the message YOU expect from them

    But the artist gets what they are doing in n album and they want other to get it. People like you who just want the pop hit are not truly supporting the artists work or trying to understand it you just want to cut and run and that is exactly the iTunes model so please don’t diminish a respected report from someone who has some credibility with their view.

    Has iTunes made being a real artist difficult? YES

    Has it helped kill the album? Definitely!

    Do people like you understand what you going on about? I don’t think so

    Are albums full of rubbish and only one good track? Only to people like you!

    If you are writing articles like this you need to put up your credentials so people can judge weather you are just a blabber of words of someone with a history to voice some real opinion!

    I’m 20 years of success as an underground artist/producer Google me.

  • Jan 26th, 2010 @ 12:09am

    excuses the lot of you

    if you steal then you are a thief thats it!

    steal = thief

    do you steal ? then you are a thief

    how many way can it be said don't make excuses for stealing and don't try and make out its a good thing next you will be mugging a granny and explaining how it helps keep the police in business..

    one again

    You steal then you are a thief .. the evolution is not positive its negative

    have you got it yet
    you steal a music work then that is stolen and if you did it then you are a thief!

    wake up your only fooling yourselves with your rubbish excuses