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  • T-Mobile, Sprint Tap Dance Over, Under, And Around Net Neutrality

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 22 Aug, 2016 @ 10:11am

    Re: Re:

    Using my VPN though means I get to stream video in HD for that 26 gigs before I am then throttled. All this without paying an extra $25 a month.

    From what I have seen it also looks like the throttling is only done if your on a busy tower. So even after that 26 gigs you likely will still have good speeds a lot of the time. This certainly beats the I think 6 gigs I currently share with 3 other people.

  • T-Mobile, Sprint Tap Dance Over, Under, And Around Net Neutrality

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 22 Aug, 2016 @ 08:58am

    The question that has come to my mind is, Will they throttle a VPN connection? I for one am rather tempted to find out.

    I kind of hate the idea of switching to them and appearing like I support their abuse of net neutrality. At the same time though, it is making me sick that I give money to Verizon.

    Really very frustrating that with both phone and internet I seem to be faced with the options of give money to companies I despise or live without phone and internet.

  • Australian Law Enforcement Hacked US Users' Computers During Child Porn Investigation

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 19 Aug, 2016 @ 01:22pm

    Re: Re: made up krimes with made up victims...

    Being arrested for resisting arrest is one of the things I really can't understand. This seems to keep happening and I don't get how it hasn't been fixed.

    Any officer bringing someone into a station where the only charge they have is "They resisted arrest" should be fired on the spot. If they were being arrested for something else and then resisted, then fine. If you can't think of a real reason why they were being arrested though....

  • Uber Wasting No Time: Launching Test Of Self-Driving Cars

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 19 Aug, 2016 @ 07:55am

    Re: I like to drive

    "The brilliance of the car over the horse is the car doesn't have have a mind of it's we want to give it a mind of it's own? WTF?"

    I really wonder where your getting that from. I guess maybe someone thought that somewhere. Cars at first were just novelties for the rich. As they became more common people realized especially in a city a car is more practical. You don't have to feed it all the time, just get gas for when you use it. Cars also are faster than horses, they don't need to rest either. So really don't think the lack of a brain was the main reason for adoption of cars over horses.

  • Uber Wasting No Time: Launching Test Of Self-Driving Cars

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 19 Aug, 2016 @ 07:48am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: I am no Luddite, but

    I will never get this. Your argument is that we shouldn't make robots and other things to be more efficient because that would take some guys job. So instead we should just keep on paying people to do simple mindless jobs not because of any other reason than just to pay them?

    As we move forward jobs don't really just vanish. They change and people need to change with them. As factories get more efficient their is more of everything for everyone. Sure, you no longer have an assembly line of 1000 people building a car, instead you have robots and 10 people. Now though you suddenly have more cars that are more affordable.

    I really don't think kneecapping technology is the solution to take care of our lower classes. Assuming these people are too stupid to do anything other than jobs easily replaced by a robot is just insulting. Yes, they will have to learn new skills but so what? Teach them and lift them up, don't baby them with pointless jobs. That just drags down the entire economy for no reason.

  • Uber Wasting No Time: Launching Test Of Self-Driving Cars

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 19 Aug, 2016 @ 06:16am

    Re: Re: Re: Not "driverless".

    I think your missing the point that this is just a stepping stone. Currently yes, I do think the person in the driver seat is legally considered the driver.

    This is done because no city/state in their right mind would let a fleet of totally autonomous cars loose on their streets picking up and carrying passengers. The liability for that at this stage is just too large.

    This doesn't mean that the car isn't driving itself. It means that we have a human sitting in the car as a safety measure. This is being done as a trail. If they go a year or two where the humans never touch the controls and their have been zero accidents.... Then suddenly the humans will likely be removed.

  • Uber Wasting No Time: Launching Test Of Self-Driving Cars

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 19 Aug, 2016 @ 05:59am


    I think what you saying is bit extreme. I have for a long time though suggested our roadways could easily have slight modifications to help self driving cars.

    You could easily add things like bar or QR codes to help the computers but would simply be ignored by human drivers. I strongly suspect as time goes on we will see this happen to.

    By slowly adding things to assist computer driven cars we could help make the cars less reliant on things like GPS. It would also add redundancy to systems and that is never a bad thing. If your car can read the special "road sign" and know where it is on a map then it makes it much harder to crash it by fooling just the GPS. We are at the very early stages, but I think in time we will see our roads change drastically as these cars become more common.

  • Uber Wasting No Time: Launching Test Of Self-Driving Cars

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 19 Aug, 2016 @ 05:52am

    Re: I am no Luddite, but

    Having worked in IT for 25 years I am kind of shocked you don't see the jobs these cars are creating. After all, we are talking about very complex computer systems driving cars. In your time working IT, how many computers have you seen run for years with zero help from IT?

  • How The Olympics Bullshit Ban On Tweeting About The Olympics Is Harming Olympic Athletes

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 02 Aug, 2016 @ 09:18am

    I really think a bunch of the athletes should very publicly protest during the games.

    If I was at that level I think I would keep my mouth shut till after the event I was in. Then if I won I would toss their metal back at them and very publicly tell them where to shove it. At that point what does it matter? They can take the metal and say your disqualified, but the world will still know your the best.

  • Bruce Schneier Sounds The Alarm: If You're Worried About Russians Hacking, Maybe Help Fix Voting Machine Security

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 29 Jul, 2016 @ 07:52am

    Re: Re: Make America Great Again

    I wish that was the only Donald we had to worry about, I would much rather have Donald Duck for president than either of our current options.

  • Declaring Cyberwar On Russia Because Of The DNC Hack Is A Bad Idea

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 26 Jul, 2016 @ 12:48pm

    Re: Re: Cyberwar

    Yeah, sadly there is also the whole ego thing. I would love to see us move away from all this stupid fighting and direct that energy elsewhere, but idiots will be idiots.

    I mean come on, what are these wars even over these days? Lot of times it seems to be stupid religious fighting. You don't follow same god as me so I must kill you junk. How about we all just drop the stupid fighting and instead focus on more fun things like going into space.

    Imagine the things we could do if all the military budgets world wide were taken away and directed at space programs. I bet we would have already colonized a few planets by now.

  • Declaring Cyberwar On Russia Because Of The DNC Hack Is A Bad Idea

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 26 Jul, 2016 @ 10:08am

    Re: Hacking email vs. hacking infrastructure vs. war apparatus

    You really think they aren't hacking the "war machine"? It is one thing to hack an email server and then brag/showoff. It is quite different when you hack into a system to steal plans for weapons.

    You don't want anyone to know their classified weapons system is leaking valuable data, they might plug the leak. Their email though? That is rather useless and boring and not such a big deal if you loose access for a bit.

  • Declaring Cyberwar On Russia Because Of The DNC Hack Is A Bad Idea

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 26 Jul, 2016 @ 10:03am


    Real irony though is strength doesn't necessarily win wars. A small poorly armed group could take on the largest of armies and still win. Strategy plays a huge part in a war, as does moral of your troops.

    Really just look around the world today. I don't think anyone would call the US military weak, yet they are sure having a lot of trouble with these little terror groups.

  • Declaring Cyberwar On Russia Because Of The DNC Hack Is A Bad Idea

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 26 Jul, 2016 @ 09:58am

    Re: Re: Cyberwar

    Yeah, I can't think of any way that kind of system would make sense though. I guess you could argue that it cuts down on damage to infrastructure, but if I am going to die from a war I would prefer to actually fight in it.

    Now having a virtual reality war, that I can see making sense considering if we get the technology good enough we could fight an entirely virtual war and prevent any real death or damage.

    Sadly though I think we are more likely to just keep going with the "lets build robots that can kill" idea. So in the end we can all die a horrible death at the hands of our own robots.

  • The Internet Of Things Is a Security And Privacy Dumpster Fire And The Check Is About To Come Due

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 26 Jul, 2016 @ 09:03am

    Re: People have already died

    I don't really think it is fare to try and throw Tesla under the bus like that. For one thing, Tesla is open about autopilot being just what you said "beta". It also is clear that autopilot is not fully "automated driving".

    Blaming autopilot for crashes is a lot like blaming your cruse control for speeding. They are both there to make things easier for you, but if you set your cruse control for 55 on the highway and don't adjust when you reach a town, that is on you.

    When a car is built that you don't control and instead a computer fully drives it for you. That is when you can then point fingers at the computer. If your told before hand that your beta testing a driving system and you die, that is on you.

  • Declaring Cyberwar On Russia Because Of The DNC Hack Is A Bad Idea

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 26 Jul, 2016 @ 08:24am


    You know, I think we are actually getting very close to the perfect kind of war. We just need the countries to come together and agree to a neutral third party to regulate things

    Then both countries will send in their best solders who will fight it out in the ultimate game of team fortress. Whatever side wins has won the war. Suddenly "Cyberwar" becomes a lot less deadly and much more fun way to handle wars.

    Of course depending on the conflict the countries could choose different games, but same idea still would apply.

  • Former Homeland Security Advisor: Tech Companies Have The Burden Of Proving Harm Of Backdoored Encryption

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 22 Jul, 2016 @ 01:31pm


    Really sad part is you can actually show proof from the last time we had this debate. I can't remember all the details but there was a vulnerability in browsers that was found recently but was a holdover from last time we had this debate.

    The issue is that you can show these guys actual hard proof of the damage they are trying to cause and they will just wave it off. They are messing with systems they don't understand and they choose intentionally to not understand.

  • Elon Musk's Master Plan Includes Turning Tesla Into An Autonomous Uber

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 21 Jul, 2016 @ 12:03pm

    Just me?

    Is it just me that really questions the idea of pimping your car out to random people?

    Sure you car can go drive people around while your at work and then come to pick you up at the end of the day. So long as you don't mind the lovely mix of vomit and other bodily fluids all over your car. That is if your car even makes it back.

    That would sure make things easier for the chop shops wouldn't it. Just hail a car, disable it, load it up and go. Really cuts down on the risk when someones car will come to you in a nice empty parking lot for you to steal it.

  • German Software Company Sues US Gov't For Copyright Infringement

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 20 Jul, 2016 @ 10:56am

    Bunch of Pirates

    I saw this on another site as I wandered around the net. I still think the best part in all this is that we can now call our Navy a bunch of pirates.

  • After Multi-Month Tone Deaf Shitshow, Microsoft Finally Lets Users Control Obnoxious Windows 10 Upgrade

    Machin Shin ( profile ), 29 Jun, 2016 @ 08:13am

    Re: Re: Re: The lesson for Microsoft

    Well, from what I understand, anything you share with Microsoft you give up privacy rights to. So anything your computer sends to them the Government can ask for without needing a warrant.

    So.... When you use their full disk encryption and Microsoft "backs up" your key on their servers..... Yeah, after all that has come out about the NSA just try and argue that they aren't making copies of all those keys. If you can do that with a straight face then you have a bright future in politics.

    Also lets not forget that the FBI can "neither confirm nor deny" listening in on amazon echos. So yeah, sure they are not listening in on Cortana.

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