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  • Mar 19th, 2012 @ 2:03pm

    Re: Illinois Eavsdropping law

    It really sucks that we have this law in Illinois. My boyfriend is in jail right now awaiting his next court date.
    He's being charged with Aggravated battery to a government official, meaning hes being accused of spitting on a cop.. Anyways i have it recorded on my cell that he is being accused of it, but it didnt happen, the recording clearly captures two cops speaking and my bf, the first cop says "wheres the spit?" the second cop says to my bf Lenard " You ALMOST hit me with your spit" then you hear my boyfriend say "IM SORRY". And theres nothing i can do.. If i play it for the judge i face up to 15 years in prison myself. Now i cant understand why its ok for an officer to record arrests on a dashboard cam without our concent and its ok, but god for bid we get a cop on tape LIEING! Illinois sucks i agree, if i had the means to get my family out of here i would.. But till then were stuck with my boyfriend going to jail being innocent. and not to mention he faces 6 years in prison for being innocent all thanks to a cop that really loves his job of slamming innocent people.