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  • Sep 5th, 2014 @ 5:18am

    Re: Contact page on Chenal website

    In case you ever wonder where in the world are going those emails, here you go : support at template-help.com.

    So, no use to try and contact them from here.

    But on my french keyboard, there is a strange behaviour: every keypress is catched then translated to a qwerty keypress... not nice... :)

    I think you may have a bug / undocumented feature on your browser. Nothing I read on the JS code is doing that, and Chrome is not doing this. Just stop using IE. Like, really. (or a strange illogical feature being a pain in the ... well, most of the body, could it be Safari ?).
  • Sep 3rd, 2014 @ 4:45pm

    Re: Looks like Chenal Brands == KlearGear

    Funnny thing, I played a little with whois tools since I saw your comment.
    Said Megan Tolcher appears to be associated with a bunch of other domain names. However, from the ones I reversed from her @chenalco.com adddress, none seems to be of use, except those linked to chenals.com. Some are linked to a default "this domain is not is use" webpage, other don't.
    What is fun though is that :
    I pastebin'd the whois found at the bottom of it, in case they update it, which appears to be the previous one. And here we find again Megan Tolcher, this time with a descoteauxboutique email : http://pastebin.com/gbUHQutd
    So, Chenal == KlearGear == Descoteaux ?

    What we have is that some French company, Descoteaux Boutique SARL , seems to have poped into existence (despite the Descoteaux Boutique name being in use before, at least 2013/11, when the dboutiques.fr domain was registered) a little while ago (near April 2014, when the whois was last updated), for the sole purpose of clearing KlearGear (which is really just Megan Tolcher, again ?) from any possible liability.

    I checked the comments on some of the other posts regarding this particular case, and I am indeed not the first to have searched though the RCS for Descoteaux Boutiques without success. It was done, back in May '14. According to their page about being registered to the RSC, InfoGreffe say that no company (French company, that is) can exist without being registered (emporte présomption de l'existence de la personnalité juridique des sociétés), thus having a SIRET number (part of having a SIRET says a French company, then viewed as a moral and legal being (can be sued and is liable), can receive payements). (This is according to my recent reading about the matter and the few law classes I had a few years ago, which were basic stuff. French law can be a strange and not so logic thing)
    If they created the SARL for the sole purpose of avoiding the lawsuit, the registration should have been effective by now, however, it seems not to be.

    Chenal's website is indeed a joke. It cannot be viewed as a professional website. First, it is clear that it was "created" from a template (I did not bother to try and find the source). The very same GIF for pages load can be found on multiple websites with the same load method (use of browser history manipulation), with the same JS files loaded, and the same comment at the bottom of the page (-- coded by Cleric --). You can of course find more links on this website, by figuring out how the pages are named, which seems to be bogus pages, never filled. From an SEO point of view, their site have a value of null. It is laughable by any available means. (Please note it is note a complaint against websites created from templates, but there is a clever way, and a Chenal's way. While the site may appear good enough for what it stands for, it is a shame from an IT point of view. No company claiming to be so top notch on IT matters should EVER have a site THIS BAD : if they can't manage a simple static site, they cannot manage an e-commerce site AT ALL).

    My views on this after a little more research ?
    KlearGear is not even a real company, but acting on behalf of ???(1), while it shields off any legal matter by using a bunch of bogus companies / humans.
    And their are now sheilding themselves even more by selling themselves to ???(2) (possible linked to Shenzhen Technology Gifts ? I am not able to find any company named like so, but it appears that is should be Chinese), in order to drop the court ruling, which they claim should have been filed against Descoteaux. Moving the company under yet another country "protection" would appear to be a quite good idea for them, and a way better move that remaining under USA laws only, and destroying the Descoteaux company ("these final properties", "the final phase", that seems lethal to me) will nail the coffin of the previously refered to court ruling.
  • Sep 3rd, 2014 @ 4:35am

    (untitled comment)

    As stated before, 75013 is indeed a valid zip code for Paris, France. Their address is valid, the building exists. They may even have some kind of an office in there. Just try Street View at this address : "118-120 Rue de Paris, 75013, Paris, France", it looks like a bunch of companies together in the same building (I may bet on the fact their name is not written in plain sight but instead well hidden).

    What seems strange to me is the fact that even their company seems to have no existence whatsoever anywhere on the internet, except for their webpage, and of course the huge amount of reports on the legal case against them. I just checked on the website of the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés, they even seem to have no existence there ! Plus most of the names I was able to search gave no relevant results. Furthermore, "Gift World" is registered as a foreign company there, for wholesale only, so it may not be the true name of their brick-and-mortar shops.

    Their sites are hosted in the USA, the Kleargear company is registered in the USA, but somehow the liable company is French, with seemingly no existence except through a bunch of people with no significant digital existence. If this is not a desperate attempt to avoid lawsuits by masquerading...

    I just read the statement in French on the dboutiques.fr website (which works at the moment, by the way, it is else available in the source code of the home page). It seems to be a quite accurate translation of a mix of legal and management languages, which is quite clunky when you are issuing a statement to your customers. Furthermore when have a lawsuit against you, it is mostly a bad thing to do to say your revenue have grown nearly 100%. However, "brick-and-mortar shops" have been translated to "magasins pierres d'assise", which conveys no meaning in popular French (but may be a part of legal stuff somehow, I never heard/read it in 20+ years. "pierre d'assise" is not really a thing you hear everyday, but can convey the meaning of a fundamental construction block, either literally or not). So it seems either is was written in English then translated (from a French company, as is comes from "Descoteaux Boutiques SARL"), or they have some issues with the French language in the first place.

    This business sure seems legit as can be. What is sure is it can't be solved by mere humans like us who believes in logic and delivered geek toys.

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